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This is good news on two fronts – indigenous actors setting monetary considerations aside and taking a stand for cultural integrity.

Too begin with Adam Sandler being of Jewish ancestry should have a working knowledge of discrimination and cultural abuse in view of the history his own people have endured, he ought to understand that denigrating a people or their cultural beliefs has no comedic value. 195 more words

The Ghosts of Christians Passed

Last Saturday I looked up museums and ran across an historic cemetery. My husband and I took the dog and meandered through the flowering magnolia trees and profuse blooms of orange poppies. 241 more words


Who Do You Think You Are? Nigella Lawson


One of my favourite Who Do You Think You Are? episodes is the one starring Nigella Lawson (series 3, episode 6), the TV personality and cook book writer who has lately come under huge scrutiny due to her past drug-use and the very public collapse of her marriage to Iraqi-born British businessman… 322 more words


Genealogy: Dishonest Ancestors... It's Up to Us to Uncover the Truth

I grew up with a sense of not knowing my origins. Now why was that? You would think that if there were nothing to hide I would know. 258 more words

Ancient History

Most Modern Jews Are Turks, Not Israelites, Says Israeli Geneticist

At one time, the earth was flat, but not any more; at one time, the Jews were specially “chosen”, but not any more.

In this Oxford-published research paper (December¬† 2012)¬† … 326 more words

Who Do You Think You Are? Marianne Faithfull


If you had to pick a likely description for Marianne Faithfull‘s background, you would hardly choose an illustrious knight in the Austro-Hungarian army, a Jewish grandmother who took part in the Viennese resistance during WWII or a sexually ambiguous mother who lived the roaring 20’s from the glittering stages of Berlin’s most famous -and infamous- theatres. 518 more words


Ancestry & Genealogy: Time to Know Who You Really Come From

No more secrets. It’s not necessary. No more lies. DNA can shed light on it. Our ancestors may have “pretended” to be of an ethnicity they weren’t born with but let’s check it out. 242 more words

Jewish Ancestry