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When Jews Reject Half-Jews

Arguing with anti-Semites is bad enough. Nothing will penetrate the hatred inside, often times cultivated and nurtured with their mother’s milk, or developed from their own failures and insecurities. 294 more words

Jewish History

#Khazar Myth Debunked

The Khazar myth has been around for ages. Used as a weapon by the enemies of Israel and by Jew haters (generally one in the same), it is meant to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Jewish ancestral claim. 742 more words


I have no Place.

I’ve been struggling and struggling in my attempt to connect back through my ancestry to any sort of “indigenous” roots. At first I discounted any kind of personal connection to any of my ethnic background. 714 more words


(dis)respect and atonement

On Friday night a week ago, for the first time in perhaps 45 years I attended a Yom Kippur service, and I both connected to, and confirmed my disconnection from, “my people,” those who came before me whose lives and actions led me to be born in Newark, New Jersey, United States of America, more than 60 years ago. 1,650 more words


Take Kazar to the River

I have decided I wish to embrace my struggle with my Jewish heritage, with my distate for — repulsion at — what I see as a childish relationship to deity and what I see as a misogynist religion (like most religions, like all recognized monotheistic religions I believe). 477 more words


Pro-Israel Half-Jews and DNA

Jewish DNA: Half-Jews with a Jewish mother vs. Half-Jews with a Jewish father. Is there a difference? And is there a correlation between Jewish ancestry and a deep love for Israel? 70 more words

D.M. Miller

Hair and Rags

On Wednesday evening Rosh Hashanah would begin.
She awoke early as always,
said morning prayers to the god
they call Melech Ha’Olam —
King of the Universe. 884 more words