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Published by NGSGenealogy: Online Archives Seeks to Reunite Holocaust Victims (or family members) with Heirlooms

A unique collection has been put online in the hopes that doing such will connect lost heirlooms with their former owners or their families. To genealogists heirlooms are invaluable and often the only physical link we may have with our ancestors.Recently an article made the rounds on Facebook (FG) that caught my eye — Do… 7 more words


Published by Dick Eastman: 14 Volumes of Genealogical Lists of Irish-Jewish Families Presented to Dublin City

Fourteen rare volumes of genealogical lists of Irish-Jewish families in Ireland were presented to Dublin City Council’s Library and Archive today. The volumes were gifted by Stuart Rosenblatt, President of the Genealogical Society of Ireland. 24 more words

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#Interfaith: Ancestry DNA Test for a Half-Jew

By: D.M. Miller

The ancestry DNA kit I had ordered is finally here, and I can’t wait to send it in and see what happens. Oh sure, I know who I am and who my parents are, and what can a DNA test really do to change that? 711 more words

D.M. Miller

Published by Dick Eastman: Conference on Crypto-Jews to be Held in Miami July 19 through 21

This is short notice but I just found out about a conference that focuses on the history of Crypto-Jews. Killed, expelled and harassed by the Inquisition, Crypto-Jews secretly maintained their Jewish customs while pretending to be Catholic. 24 more words



This is good news on two fronts – indigenous actors setting monetary considerations aside and taking a stand for cultural integrity.

Too begin with Adam Sandler being of Jewish ancestry should have a working knowledge of discrimination and cultural abuse in view of the history his own people have endured, he ought to understand that denigrating a people or their cultural beliefs has no comedic value. 195 more words

The Ghosts of Christians Passed

Last Saturday I looked up museums and ran across an historic cemetery. My husband and I took the dog and meandered through the flowering magnolia trees and profuse blooms of orange poppies. 241 more words


Who Do You Think You Are? Nigella Lawson


One of my favourite Who Do You Think You Are? episodes is the one starring Nigella Lawson (series 3, episode 6), the TV personality and cook book writer who has lately come under huge scrutiny due to her past drug-use and the very public collapse of her marriage to Iraqi-born British businessman… 322 more words