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Charles Spurgeon: Sermon Application of Leviticus 11

Charles Spurgeon’s textual preaching style brought forth some rather interesting — and sometimes unusual — ideas that appear quite different from the result of expository (“verse by verse”) preaching of the actual text. 864 more words

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Open Letter to Brigitte Bardot

Dear Ms. Bardot,

I’ll be honest.  I’m not even mad.  I actually feel sorry for you.  It seems as though you have not aged happily.  I say this because all your recent pictures make you look like a sourpuss and the only time anyone hears anything from you is when it has to do with animals.   639 more words

Bichukosy - In The Statutes

The Torah Reading of Bichukosy concludes the 3rd Book of the Torah. The 3rd Book began with Vayikra – And He Called (The Al-mighty called to Moses). 201 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

The Development of Israelite Dietary Restrictions: How Food Shapes and Orders Society


The aim of this research has been to understand the source and developments of Jewish Dietary Laws outlined in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 and observe how those laws have shaped and cultivated a Jewish identity. 6,729 more words

Fall 2010

Mazel Tov! Jewish Elders Lift 6,000-Year Ham Ban

(Reprinted from THE ONION)

JERUSALEM—Ending a strict, six-millennia prohibition of the consumption of cloven-hoofed beasts, the World Rabbinical Council announced Tuesday that Jews worldwide may “dig in to the delicious taste of ham.” 650 more words

The Repentence that Leads to Life, Acts 11:1-18, April 28, 2013

The Repentance that Leads to Life
Acts 11:1-18
Linden Heights Baptist Church
April 28th, 2013
11 The apostles and the believers throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of God. 2,751 more words


Kosher Supervision Safeguards Adherence to Jewish Dietary Laws

A resident of Los Angeles, Yaacov Ginsburg supervises commercial kitchens throughout the United States and Mexico in order to ensure adherence to kosher dietary laws. With duties that include inspection of storage and preparation tools, Yaacov Ginsburg’s efforts allow observant Jews to receive meals that comply with the rules of their religion. 158 more words