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A Tale of Two Cities

Are you all in for a treat or what? Been a while since an update and I’m a bit behind due to a lack of consistent internet. 1,076 more words

Jewish Ghetto: A Reflection

Having spent the last three years studying genocide, I know far to well the tragedy of intolerance. Today, we spent a good part of the day in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome. 805 more words

Heading to Venice for the first time? Here are four mistakes to avoid

Earlier this year I wrote about how to do a road trip from Paris to Venice. That got me thinking about how wonderful Venice can be if you do it right, or how overcrowded and unpleasant it is if you spend all your time in a giant mob of tourists. 773 more words


Lemon Ricotta Pie face

I was never a big fan of ricotta pie, but when I lived in Italy for 6 months, I unexpectedly feel in love with Ricotta, how could I not, it was all around me. 506 more words

More Jewish Heritage Work in Kutno

This is part II about heritage work in Kutno. The first is Jewish History of Kutno.

While in Kutno, I visited the Society of Friends of Kutno ( 1,471 more words


Review: Once (Once, #1) by Morris Gleitzman

Once by Morris Gleitzman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are some books that don’t let go of you once you’ve lived through their story. 364 more words

Book Review

Return of the Pagans

No, not these volk.

As society retreats from Christian influence, not even bothering to pay the homage of hypocrisy to virtue, the people most surprised by the result will be (and already are) those who have been clamoring for the suppression of religion as an offence against their delicate feelings. 1,509 more words