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Schindler’s Factory and the Jewish Ghetto (Krakow, Poland)

It’s quite a walk from our apartment to the southern side of the river where Oskar Schindler’s enamel factory was situated during WWII. Krakow had a big freeze in the days before we arrived so the river is partially frozen and there’s plenty of snow still on the ground. 898 more words


Venice, Part 4

We started our fourth day in Venice by walking around the old Jewish Ghetto. If you’re a big fan of Torah crowns, I definitely recommend checking out the museum. 276 more words


Random Thoughts Germany/Prague

I was lucky enough to spend a week in southern Germany and Prague just before Christmas starting in the Black Forest then Munich and then Prague. 781 more words


Cousins in the Warsaw Ghetto

My cousin Pini (Pinchas) Doron, reminded me that his grandfather and namesake died in the Warsaw Ghetto. This is the story he sent me this morning: 190 more words

Jewish Culture

SYE TRAVEL LOCATION IS IN! Guess where we are going!

I have been waiting ALL summer to meet with my Sophomore Year Experience group and choose where we get to travel to in the Spring of 2016. 319 more words


Eastern Europe:  Czech Republic 


The Golden City, City of Spires, Paris of the East, and City of Clocks…

That last name, City of Clocks, is my name for Prague; there’s a clock tower everywhere you look! 2,100 more words


This afternoon Sam said “I actually don’t feel much like a tourist today”. Four days here, and we’re getting used to walking around to where we need to get, finding our favorites in certain places, and getting back home! 542 more words