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Obama Launches Frontal Assault on Iran Deal Killers

But the ultimate irony in all this is that the man who said all these sensible things about the Iran agreement has brought us a New Cold War, the slaughter of the Syrian people, and now another of the Donbass people who were only guilty of the crime of not wanting to live under the boot of Western fascist puppets and oligarch parasites. 1,330 more words

The International Reporter

Obama warns of dangers to Israel if Iran deal blocked: U.S. Jewish leader


U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship Presidential Summit in Washington, August 3, 2015. 438 more words

Rabbis: Anti-Semitic Ownership Justifies New York Mixed Martial Arts Ban

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A last-ditch effort to derail a mixed martial arts bill in New York State has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported from New Rochelle Monday, 17 New York Jewish leaders have made the remarkable claim that… 321 more words


April 20 - Passion!

Acts 8:1b-25; Deuteronomy 33-34; Job 20

The death of Stephen was a watershed moment. Until that time, the new followers of Christ were tolerated in Jerusalem. 318 more words

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The Day They Busted Jesus For Blasphemy And Bad Grammar

Jesus and Jewish rulers were bickering on the Mount of Olives. Jesus said He and the Father were one. They called Him demon possessed. Jesus told them they didn’t belong to God. 155 more words


Festus, An Uncertain Governor

Bible Reference: Acts chapters 25-26

Heart of the Story: Very soon after becoming governor of Judea, Festus heard Paul’s case. Festus wanted to return Paul to the Jews in Jerusalem; however, Paul demanded that his case be heard by Caesar. 837 more words

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April 6 - I Am Pilate

Matthew 27:1-31; Deuteronomy 5-6; Job 6

The Jews were not easy to govern. They didn’t like foreign rulers and they especially hated the attempts to integrate the Jews into the foreign empires. 385 more words

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