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New Australian PM Has Jewish Roots

Australia’s beleaguered prime minister was ousted from power in an internal party ballot on Monday as the ruling conservative party attempts to win back a disenchanted public by replacing the nation’s polarizing, gaffe-prone leader with his more moderate rival.  6 more words

Jewish Leaders

Israel and United States Still Aligned

Anyone who might be deluded into thinking that recent public spats between Israel and the Obama administration have led to any weakening in the Jewish Lobby’s control and direction of US policy will have had their mistaken beliefs corrected by the latest pronouncements of a bipartisan visit to the Zionist state. Read More…

Jewish Leaders

Ed Miliband States He Wants To Be "First Jewish Prime Minister of Britain"

The announcement by Ed Miliband, the leader of the UK’s Labour Party that he wishes to be the “first Jewish Prime Minister of Britain”—even though he is a self-declared atheist—has once again highlighted the reality that Judaism is not “just a religion” but has a deep-rooted ethnic, and even racial basis.  Read More…

Jewish Leaders

Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr Announces "Israel Lobby Controls Australian Foreign Policy"

In yet another example of something that could be straight out of the Protocols of Zion, former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr has revealed that what he calls the “ 24 more words

Jewish Leaders

Malcolm Fraser Exposes Zionism Influences

The former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has joined the growing list of prominent public personalities to “take the plunge” and publicly identify the Jewish Lobby as a pernicious influence in public affairs.  Read More….

Jewish Leaders

Hungary: Jewish leaders oppose new Holocaust museum


2015-08-12 |

János Lázárjewish community

The renovation and maintenance of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues in Hungary, Holocaust education and the House of Fates project were among issues discussed at a meeting between Minister of State for the Prime Minister’s Office János Lázár and leaders of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), including Hungary’s  286 more words


Obama Launches Frontal Assault on Iran Deal Killers

But the ultimate irony in all this is that the man who said all these sensible things about the Iran agreement has brought us a New Cold War, the slaughter of the Syrian people, and now another of the Donbass people who were only guilty of the crime of not wanting to live under the boot of Western fascist puppets and oligarch parasites. 1,330 more words

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