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Highly original novel explores the damage that false spiritual gurus can inflict

The Kabbalah Master, by Perle Besserman. Monkfish. 202 pages. Trade paperback $15.95.

Besserman has penned a fascinating portrait of an insecure Jewish woman, Sharon Berg, who in her mid-thirties becomes infatuated with a somewhat charismatic spiritual leader. 1,259 more words

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Jewish Mysticism: Now Available!


One of a number of interesting spiritual works released by the same publisher in the 1910s, Abelsons’ treatment of mysticism within Judaism here is quite good, expansive, and sometimes dense, but technically an introductory overview of magickal concepts within Kabbalah. 44 more words

Shabbat and Pesakh and more, oh my!

Hag sameakh! Today and tomorrow are hagim, holy days that end our Pesakh Festival. Jewish offices are closed today and tomorrow, and Passover ends tomorrow evening at sundown with the end of Shabbat. 362 more words

Introductory #Kabbalah Books

Just about every organized religion has a spiritual leg. Often times that leg is seen as lame, odd, maybe shorter than the other or off-kilter somehow. 500 more words


Polygyny in the Set-apart Community

The wisest and safest way (not the only righteous way) for polygyny to be manifested is within the sanctity of set-apart communities. That way, organic relationships have already been formed, and everyone is adhering to the same community standards. 327 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Why Polygyny?

I’m sure many of you saw my piece on marriage and polygyny, whether you read it or not. I shared some of the general precepts and cultural history of polygyny. 462 more words

Jewish Mysticism

A Brief Look at Marriage and Polygyny

Sex is overprioritized in western marriage. As such, there are too many unrighteous sexual practices transpiring amongst “conscious” and “Hebrew Israelite” communities. Hebrew Israelites, or BHIs, sometimes push this idea that sex is marriage. 791 more words

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