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The Ancient Paths to Heaven on Earth

Sometimes, I think the Piso family included some of the most valuable truths in their literature as a protection plan against a violent revolt against their descendants by an awakened collective. 513 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Overcoming Self Sabotage

The greatest enemy of our echad with יהוה is ha’nachash, or the ego. When יהוה says to Yirmeyahu that before he was formed in his mother’s womb, יהוה knew him, what was actually being declared was that they were echad. 263 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Veganism, Consciousness, and Divinity

It is hard now for me to imagine real consciousness in an herbivore or omnivore. My binah of consciousness is that Ēl Echad is within the collective, and apart from It there is no life. 549 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Harmony In the Midst of Chaos and Disorder

THEY asked our sages in Rome, says the Babylonian Talmud, “If your God is displeased with men’s worship of other gods, why does He not make it void by destroying all idols and objects of false worship?” 285 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Energy, Correction, and Intention

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Or Ein Sof is Ēl Echad eternal energy, and we must evolve as Its emanation.
As long as I remain in the lower frequency of ego, manifesting in selfishness, religion, race, independence, and arrogance, I will never evolve into Âdâm Kidron, the man of creation. 582 more words

Jewish Mysticism

What With Our Sorrow?

Growing up in a very Xtian household, the idea of teshuvah (repentance) as godly sorrow was prevalent. This concept was that all that could be expected of us in our failure is remorse for our actions; in fact, such remorse that it pained us to know we let The One down as well as others. 589 more words

Jewish Mysticism

New Video - Michael Bertiaux on The Gholemhe (Gholemhe Part II)

The latest offering from the BLK Lecture Series featuring Michael Bertiaux. This one is a continuation of his talks about The Gholemhe.