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Magic! For realsies.

While you can perform these incredible feats with your limitless mind and the power of your WILL, I don’t think you’ll be wielding a staff of doom to bring down any unscrupulous plumbers lurking about the castle. 254 more words

Arthur C. Clarke

Kabbalah Haiku #2

single ray of light
illuminates many paths
obscured by darkness

Photo by NikClikz


Kabbalah Haiku #1

succor to one soul
is as if you have healed
all of creation


The Ladder to Heaven

The earliest known written records, dating back to about 4,000 B.C. describe in great detail, much of what was going on in the area of ancient Mesopotamia… that Gods, “The Anunnaki” (Those who, from Heaven to Earth, came), touched down upon the Earth with their own agenda, resulting in the seeding of human life on this planet. 2,050 more words


The Finkelstein Files: Beyond The Woods

If trees are carriers of symbolic possibilities, then newly openedĀ Beyond the Trees is a powerful and poetic response to our emotive connections to our planet. 507 more words


Kabbalah Infiltrates Judaism. Mystery Babylon Secret Societies, part 2 - Pastor David

Realize, that TWO systems of Jewish oral teachings were created, one public and one secret. In the many centuries before the LORD Jesus Christ came in the flesh, this deadly virus penetrated Jewish religious leaders. 484 more words


All the pieces are good.

The sixteenth-century mystic Isaac Luria’s conception of obstacles that get in the way of worshipping God were called kelipot (in Hebrew). They were seen as the forces of evil that constantly tempt and distract us, keeping us from directly experiencing God. 257 more words

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