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Kabbalah Infiltrates Judaism. Mystery Babylon Secret Societies, part 2 - Pastor David

Realize, that TWO systems of Jewish oral teachings were created, one public and one secret. In the many centuries before the LORD Jesus Christ came in the flesh, this deadly virus penetrated Jewish religious leaders. 484 more words


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The sixteenth-century mystic Isaac Luria’s conception of obstacles that get in the way of worshipping God were called kelipot (in Hebrew). They were seen as the forces of evil that constantly tempt and distract us, keeping us from directly experiencing God. 257 more words

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Book Review of Paul Within Judaism, "The Question of Politics: Paul as a Diaspora Jew under Roman Rule"

The measure of Paul’s Jewish identity remains a matter of considerable controversy in current scholarship. As Pamela Eisenbaum observes, the question has provoked anxiety among some scholars, and not surprisingly, since the study of Paul “continues to be the arena of discourse where Christians (and recently some Jews) work out their religious identity.” It is an indication of that anxiety that today, some thirty years since the announcement of a New Perspective on Paul, it remains profoundly difficult for many interpreters to escape the constraining categories of the older “Christianizing” view of the apostle.

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Fragment XIV

The Jewish mystics, the revered old fathers, the Magi that were present at the birth of Christ. These were men who claimed to wield real power over nature and by extension the whole universe. 72 more words

Tefillah as Korban: An Inquiry into Hasidic Prayer

Do not think that the words of prayer
        as you say them
        go up to God.
It is not the words themselves that ascend;
        it is rather the burning desire of your heart… 1,688 more words