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This is an auditory & visual meditation upon the four letter name of the Hebrew G-d. The objective is to visualize and allow the sound of the letters of the Divine Name to resonate throughout the whole of ones being with a view to entering into a closer bond with the Holy One. 77 more words


Shaar HaYichud -2- Points for Contemplation

  • Following from the previous chapter, there are two principle states. The intrinsic (Atzmut) and the revealed other (Gilui Zulat).
  • Atzmut refers to the eternal, changeless essence which is universal and singular.
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Shaar HaYichud -1- Points for Contemplation

  • Life among the multitude of different kinds is enfolded within the Divine essence.
  • The omnipotence of Divine essence is manifest via Keter, the ‘Pele…
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Shaarei Avodah – An Introduction, part five

The middos serve as the epicenter of the human

Known as the Shevat Yemai HaBinyan

Sheva, as in the ‘seven’ lower Sefiros, the dimension of soul.   163 more words