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Are We Alienated from God? (Colossians 1:21)

Paul beings by pointing out humans are alienated from God, or perhaps “estranged.” In English, estranged can simply mean separation, “a man and his estranged wife…” This doesn’t mean that the one of the marriage partners are wrong.  419 more words


The Image of the Invisible God (Colossians 1:15-20)

Colossians 1:15-20 appear to have been an early Christian hymn.  There is evidence this was poetry, perhaps pre-dating Paul and well known to the congregation.  Paul uses material like this in other contexts (Phil 2:5-9, for example).  575 more words


What was the Problem in Colossians?

One of the main issues we need to sort out for understanding the letter to the Colossians is the nature of the false teaching which was causing problems in the church.  575 more words


Who is Epaphras? (Colossians 1:1-8)

“Without doubt…the least important church to which any epistle of Paul is addressed.” J. B. Lightfoot, Colossians, 16.

By the first century, the city of Colossae could only be described as a “small town” by Strabo, (

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Magic! For realsies.

While you can perform these incredible feats with your limitless mind and the power of your WILL, I don’t think you’ll be wielding a staff of doom to bring down any unscrupulous plumbers lurking about the castle. 254 more words

Arthur C. Clarke

The Ladder to Heaven

The earliest known written records, dating back to about 4,000 B.C. describe in great detail, much of what was going on in the area of ancient Mesopotamia… that Gods, “The Anunnaki” (Those who, from Heaven to Earth, came), touched down upon the Earth with their own agenda, resulting in the seeding of human life on this planet. 2,050 more words


The Finkelstein Files: Beyond The Woods

If trees are carriers of symbolic possibilities, then newly opened Beyond the Trees is a powerful and poetic response to our emotive connections to our planet. 507 more words