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Shabbat Toldot: Trust, Despite Everything

In parashat Toldot we read of the birth of the twins Esau and Jacob, born to Rebekah and Isaac after years of trying to get pregnant, and much frustration and difficulty. 696 more words

What was the Problem in Colossians?

One of the main issues we need to sort out for understanding the letter to the Colossians is the nature of the false teaching which was causing problems in the church.  575 more words


Two New Books by Andrei Orlov

Andrei Orlov sent me materials concerning his two newest books.  He sure does publish quite a lot!  The first, by SUNY Press, is The Greatest Mirror: Heavenly Counterparts in the Jewish Pseudepigrapha… 285 more words

Chaos All Around

As a pastor, I used to find the little nuances in scripture, but this week’s Parasha is jumping. Seeing the instruction to נח concerning the animals put a Steph Curry spin move on an אחי. 177 more words

Jewish Mysticism

The Ancient Paths to Heaven on Earth

Sometimes, I think the Piso family included some of the most valuable truths in their literature as a protection plan against a violent revolt against their descendants by an awakened collective. 513 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Overcoming Self Sabotage

The greatest enemy of our echad with יהוה is ha’nachash, or the ego. When יהוה says to Yirmeyahu that before he was formed in his mother’s womb, יהוה knew him, what was actually being declared was that they were echad. 263 more words

Jewish Mysticism

Veganism, Consciousness, and Divinity

It is hard now for me to imagine real consciousness in an herbivore or omnivore. My binah of consciousness is that Ēl Echad is within the collective, and apart from It there is no life. 549 more words

Jewish Mysticism