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52. Perfecting Diamonds by Rabbi Dovid Kaplan

As a sequel to Polishing Diamonds (discussed here recently), this book is both more general (with a chapter or two discussing rather younger… 266 more words


In the Nine Days

I haven’t been thinking enough about the significance of the Nine Days, but so far I seem to have been unconsciously avoiding the questionable stuff anyway. 387 more words

Jewish Year


I very specifically didn’t make a fuss over doing (or trying to do) NaBloPoMo yesterday or the day before, and I wasn’t going to today, either, but it is inspiring me, and I want to keep that. 240 more words


Lacking Pity

222. Miracle Ride by Tzipi Caton

I’ve read this cover to cover in a few short hours this evening, and feel like I’ve learnt something from it, although I hope I already knew not to be quite so pushy and/or judgemental as some of the people ‘Caton’ (the book is written under a pseudonym, with some names/details changed for privacy) is confronted by. 255 more words


What I've been playing at

Not all that much of interest, but I have got reinspired to make some amigurumi toys, largely because I’ve been sorting through stuff after the move, and found lots and lots of stuffing material that I really should use! 231 more words


Bouncing from one thing to another

I do believe yesterday might be the first since I started that I didn’t post, but the opportunity simply didn’t arise.

What I did do yesterday, for the first time in seven years, was to bounce on a… 235 more words