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The Importance of Jewish-Christian Dialogue for Spiritual Nourishment: A Christian Perspective

Many scholars, due to the similarities to Judaism and historical emergence of Christianity out of Judaism, have sought a dialogue which sets aside triumphalism and honestly discusses their relationship. 337 more words

General Musings

Lighting the Menorah - The Flame of Torah Learning

This week’s Torah portion begins with the commandment to use pure olive oil to light the Menorah.  The Menorah symbolized learning.  From the next few verses, we learn some very important lessons in Chinuch, in helping our children be ideal receptacles of Torah learning. 393 more words

Jewish Thought

Rabbinic vs. Early Christian views on God: Was God really so grumpy?

In my rabbinic thought class, we have been tackling the interesting issue of divine justice. In the realm of historical Judeo-Christian thought, how exactly does God go about judging humanity? 783 more words