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Wine and Prophecy: The Rebirth of Shomron

Photo: Hillel Mann, winemaker and owner of Beit El winery, examining his vineyard. Photo Credit: Beit El Winery

“Have you ever seen a prophecy come true? 1,668 more words


The 28th of Iyar

I found the book The 28th of Iyar very moving. My grandmother, Jaqueline Hirsch, transcribed the original recordings which made the publication of the book possible. 184 more words

Experiential Learning

Learning about who we are: Chanukah

This year, the Jewish festival of Chanukah falls at the same time as Christmas. Two different religions, that grew up in similar historical-cultural milieus, with festivals around the Winter equinox both observed on the 25th day of their respective Jewish and Gregorian months. 735 more words


Monsters of Absurdity

Here’s the poem I’ve referred to several times, sung by the amazingly talented Rona Kenan:

Legacies and visions

Moses is now at the tender age of 120 is conscious of his legacy, that’s why he sings his song we heard this morning. 1,918 more words


The Spiral of Time

It’s that time of year again. For Jews, it’s always that time. Or this time. Or another time. Time is always of the essence, somehow. 1,137 more words

Experiential Learning

Rosh Hashanah 5777 (sermon)

I told some of you a couple of weeks ago in my sermon about our family visit to Portsmouth, where we visited the historic dockyards and had the wonderful opportunity to see the Mary Rose, the tudor flagship and the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior flagships. 2,003 more words