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Frankenstein and Golem - Power, Redemption and the Human Condition

This Shabbat is Shabbat Hagadol – the Sabbath before Pesach. It reminded me of the Great Rabbi Loew of Prague’s (the Maharal) extended Shabbat Hagadol sermon which is a preface to his Haggadah. 1,267 more words


Chanukah in the Square - a call to the JLC, LFA and Mayor of London

I call upon the London Jewish Forum, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Mayor of London to insist that they will only attend and continue to publicise and fund the Chanukah in the Square if a woman speaks and participates in the religious activities – specifically a woman lay leader of the community and a woman rabbi – and that they are listed on the publicity. 715 more words


Prelude to Hope - A Yom Kippur Sermon

It felt like it would be the last summery day of the year last weekend, as we set off as a family into London. Our children, now back at school, were in need of some good parental attention and let’s face it, I’m not at my best in these few weeks. 2,460 more words


From Gatekeepers to Legators - משומרים למורישים

A slightly unedited sermon for this Shabbat:

A very warm welcome to all those gathered here for the celebrations of a very special baby and all our members, visitors and friends in our sanctuary and joining us on line. 2,268 more words


Forty Years Later - Beyond the Olden Days (sermon for Parashat Chukkat)

About 14 years ago when I was still a student rabbi I would frequently go to a university friend’s school, where she was a teacher, and talk to the children in the primary school about Judaism. 1,673 more words