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A story of two boats..

This is how the story of the first boat begins.

Once upon an ancient time, several thousand years ago, nestled within lush green valleys and stony riverbeds, there flourished an ancient city named Jerusalem. 1,343 more words

Grief and Memory in Sacred Ritual

It is no secret that difficult memories can be stumbling blocks preventing us from living full and positive lives and holding us back from becoming our best authentic selves. 330 more words


Them and Us. .

I don’t post much  re my political [ and religious]  views here on my blog, though readers may have guessed that I do not follow an Abrahamic  faith.  419 more words


Is god most definitely a man?

I am sitting at home and I’ve sunken into a sort of mental pit. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at least a couple times in our lives where we begin to travel on a logic train and it takes us to a not so comforting conclusion. 137 more words


Captain America a Hydra Agent?

I know this differs from my usual post but this is just killing me.

I’ve always loved superhero movies. Ever since the first Iron Man movie came out I was hooked on all things comic book related. 488 more words


The Boston Girl...by Anita Diamant

Addie Baum is a young rebellious girl born to Russian, Jewish immigrants at the turn of the twentieth century. Addie struggles against society and her own family in order to find out what it means to be an American woman. 312 more words