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I'm coming home

Play the song while reading the prose

In between stained glass windows and a lunch break, I found God

Alone in a room

When you push the clutter away to empty the soul of its nothingness,  there is only room to be filled by Him… 249 more words


Passover 2015

Not all of us made it this Passover.

Every year, we are asked to think of ourselves
as though we were slaves in the land of Egypt… 251 more words


For Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Faith Was Life… and Life Was Act of Faith



One thing that distresses me is the level of hate amongst some otherwise good Russian people. I despise and oppose bias of any sort… be it racism, be it anti-Semitism, be it White Supremacy, be it integral nationalism (the ideology behind Galician Uniate fascist nationalism), be it American Exceptionalism. 949 more words


"So much to be excited about!" Spring 2015 / Volume 1 Issue 3

This year we’ve put a lot of work into making the Camp Wise summer program even more incredible than summer’s past. How about a new lake toy? 788 more words

Arrest Haredim and others who cause trouble on airplanes

Arrest Haredim and others

who cause trouble on planes


The first man came to demand water.  With a large beard and black coat he received his water from the steward in the back of the plane.  1,238 more words

The Consequences of Being Chosen: The Laws of Tumah

Speak to the Children of Israel and say to them: Any man who will have a discharge from his flesh, his discharge is contaminated.

1,198 more words

Review of Stephan E. C. Wendehorst’s book British Jewry, Zionism and the Jewish State, 1936–1956

The history of twentieth century British-Jews, Stephan E. C. Wenderhorst’s book shows, offers valuable insights to the understanding of British history. In his extended review of the book, Arie Dubnov examines the way in which Wenderhost’s book, which he characterizes as an attempt to re-frame the story “glocally”: that is, moving beyond older form of communal history Wenderhorst allows us to recognize the specific conditions of British politics and society that shaped the national transformation Britain’s Jews while at the same time it pushes us to re-reconsider British Jews as historical actors participating in a quintessentially transnational arena. 72 more words