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A Conversation with Grandma: Growing up in Munich During WWII

My grandmother is the most interesting woman I know. Not only because of her past, but because of her knowledge on vast subjects. She has a whole library filled with books on history, science, literature; anything you can imagine, and she’s read them all. 1,142 more words


Who Are You?

If I were to ask who are you, what would your response be? “I am an American” or “I am a manager” or “I am a Christian” etc… All these examples are only monikers of… 190 more words


Toledo, Spain: a city of Muslims, Jews, and Christians

In central Spain just south of Madrid lies an UNESCO World Heritage site known as Toledo. Sometimes known as the “City of the Three Cultures”, Toledo has a history of Muslim, Christians, and Jews living together. 196 more words


Not Encouraged, Not Forbidden - Religion in China

I’m left feeling a little confused. I’ve travelled the north and south of China and chatted to anyone who would listen and I’ve found three conflicting arguments. 782 more words

The Song of the Stork by Stephen Collishaw: Book Review

The Song of the Stork by Stephen Collishaw

‘The very thought of what had happened to her in the woods filled her with horror. Nevertheless, she felt an uncontrollable urge to know.’ 308 more words

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To Religious People Who Want ME To Accept THEIR Faith, Why? Can You Just Relax?

Sixteen. I was sixteen years old and my dad was dying.

I imagine this is the moment when some people call upon God or Gods or whatever their specific faith encourages them to. 648 more words