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Combatting Anti-Semitism: Washington Goes to War for World Jewry

One of the most extraordinary displays of Jewish power in the United States took place in the State Department press briefing room on April 11th though it went virtually unreported in the mainstream media. 1,567 more words


You Can Literally Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Rodeo Drive This May

Cue up the movie (or a little Deep Blue Something), channel your inner George Peppard, and get out your credit card: The Beverly Hills Tiffany & Co. 306 more words

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The Ratchet Only Moves Left

The victorious Left.

Read this.

Look at the history of the United States over the last 60 years or so.  When a “liberal Democrat” is President – particularly when coupled with a Congressional majority of like kind – leftist, anti-White policies come fast and furious.  935 more words

Arab Refusal not Israeli Settlements Prevents Peace

The Arab Israeli conflict could have been avoided had the Arabs dealt honorably with the situation. The greatest part of the problem is the Arab refusal to assist and eventually absorb the refugees they made. 3,241 more words


Globalization, SJW Jesus, and Modern "Christian" Pussification (II)

To read Part I of this serious, click here.

I spent the next several years studying Judaism. A number of my readers are already quite wise as to matters of Judaism and Jewry and naturally may be wondering — in light of the unsavory things that they know — how anybody in their right mind could endure the absurdities and villainies of the Jewish religion enough to study it for 5 years, to say nothing of actually converting to it. 3,860 more words

Calls From the Ashes

Christians around the world were crushed by terrible news over the past week.

On April 15 flames tore through the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France almost completely destroying the 800-year old building. 830 more words


Why the World is Always Attacking Israel

The easy answer is that it is because Israel has far more nations which have developed a bifurcated set of relations with Israel; one condemnatory taking the Arabist view that Israel causes conflict as they attempt to incorporate more land and the other taking any and all the advances which the world is benefiting from as Israel writes new Apps, compiles programs upon which computers are run and for protecting computer systems from malware and attack as well as discoveries and inventions too numerous to list. 3,723 more words