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Maybe everybody is a ‘Jew,’ except the Jews, as no one, thankfully, calls for punishment of Jews, no one plunders their homes, no one burns their books or silences their most famous Harvard lawyer; no one calls for the destruction of their institutions.

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Israel, My Beloved

Long before ‘putting pen to paper’ I am thinking about the next blog topics and seeking God’s direction. I knew that I was supposed to continue writing about Israel but wasn’t sure what, specifically, to address. 787 more words

Old Evangelization

In today’s Gospel (Matt 10:1-7), we see an interesting command from Christ to His 12 disciples. He tells them to leave the Gentiles alone and stay away from the Samaritans too. 538 more words


The Story of the Jews and Others by Tarig Anter

The Story of the Jews and Others by Tarig Anter

It is quite clear for me that the Jews were re-branding for the Hebrews. And the Hebrews were the expelled wandering Hyksos out of Kmt. 1,181 more words


Know the reason for the law.

So today we continue the last part of Romans 2. Last time we were talking about how church leaders and those long standing members need to make sure to live out what we teach. 805 more words

Courage to be available

Courage is something I think about often and have fantasized about it a lot. Whether simply speaking my mind, taking a risky decision, confronting a challenging situation or dealing with a peer pressure. 720 more words