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Surah 5:51, 3:28, 4:144 Explained

It is often the case among some critics online to misrepresent Ibn Kathir’s commentary on 5:51, claiming that Muslims in general, are completely prohibited from befriending Christians and Jews. 1,501 more words


History of the Holocaust Industry By Adolf Goyim

How the Zionist use media through the ages to perpetuate the holocaust industry and myths and plain lies that dumbed down Judeo Christians will believe. 10,416 more words

NOWY KORCZYN - Jews were in majority

In 1921 Jews constituted 67 % of city’s inhebitants. They grew in numbers since XVI century when king Jan Kazimierz approved their settlement here. 150 more words


Wagner and antisemitism

“I hate Wagner, but I hate him on my knees.”—Leonard Bernstein.

That is a quote I found in this site. Later on, the author of the site, Prof. 1,282 more words

Research Point

Revisiting the Jewish Question

I’ve written countless times about Jews and their role in the problems that the world is facing. I’m still not sure what actually makes a Jew a Jew, what is the essence of Jewry and what causes their tendency for subversive behaviour. 987 more words


From "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion"

The West has war tactics that are put into use against Muslim/Arab countries and these has proven to be a success. This aims at the “preoccupation of the Muslim masses with earning daily bread”. 198 more words


New Yorker: Trump as literally Hitler


drive-by bitching today

“plausible” – they keep using that word a lot…..

“reverse the New Deal,” correct me if i’m wrong, …but that sucked? 860 more words