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The Jewish And Gentile Connection

There is a teaching going around that declares God is done with Israel. Some teach the church has replaced Israel. And the sad thing? Some people instead of reading God’s word for themselves, choose to believe the teachers over God and his word. 1,698 more words




My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

Psalm 62:7 NIV


Louis Feldman on Admiration for The Jew in the Ancient and Classical World

Professor Louis Feldman (October 29, 1926 – March 25, 2017) delivered two lectures on “Admiration of the Jews in Ancient and Classical World” on February 25, 1996. 18 more words

Biblical Studies Topics

Looking At Egypt's Jews:

There used to be 120,000 of them, now there’s just 18.

And we should keep mentioning this, over and over again every time the U.N. brings up Israel.


"The zookeeper's wife"

This is my transition book, the book I begin appropriately in Warsaw, which is where the events take place, and finish through the haze and weird sleeping patterns of jetlag, as I try to remember that I’m back at Potato Point. 357 more words