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"Hate Crimes" Against Jews Up Over 100% in the First Quarter in New York

Hate Crimes against and targeting Jews are the most common Hate Crime. However, they are often discredited as false flag actions and/or at best dubious in credulity. 482 more words


On courage

Courage is the rarest of human traits. It is so rare that journalists, who work in a business where courage is most extremely rare, have a bad habit of hanging the tag “hero” on people who, facing little or no risk to themselves, do what all of us should do. 1,039 more words


There are more anti-Semitic posts on Twitter than Facebook, Instagram and YouTube combined

Anti-Semitic violence is on the decline worldwide, but online attacks against Jews may be worse than ever, two new reports say.

In 2016, anti-Semitic violence dropped 12%, according to… 331 more words

Why Call it the Shoah?

The event that resulted in the death of six-million Jews and mentally handicapped, physically disabled, Romani, homosexuals, prisoners of war, and countless other groups of people simply because of the color of their skin, the way they prayed, or their sexual orientation is commonly referred to, in the English language, as “The Holocaust,” but many Jews, including myself, prefer the term “The Shoah.” 416 more words


Berlin: How my street tells the tragedy of the Holocaust

I live in Berlin’s former Jewish Quarter and all around me are memorials to the many Jews killed in the Holocaust. Among the cobble stones in the pavement outside my apartment are brass plaques. 397 more words

Israel pauses to remember 6 million murdered in Holocaust

Two-minute siren brings country to a standstill amid memorial ceremonies marking annual remembrance day 762 more words


Yom Ha'Shoah: Never Forget... and NEVER AGAIN!

Video from 2016.

Why is this so moving to me? Never mind the fact that I lost family members…  THIS is a nation, a people, and a culture with a memory.  7 more words