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The Berghaus Dragons Back Race Day 3 2015 – Race Images

It is day 3 of the Berghaus Dragons Back Race and despite a very long day for all the competitors yesterday (53.9km), today they have a whopping 68.3km to cover. 503 more words

A record-breaking Ramsay Round for the 21st century

When news of the success of the expedition to climb Mount Everest was revealed to the world on June 2, 1953, four days had elapsed since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay had stood on the summit. 966 more words


So I won the Haworth Hobble!

So to kick off my very first blog I’ve decided to give my account of winning the Haworth Hobble. Its been over a week and the dust has settled, I’ve collated my thoughts and just about feel ready to share my experience. 1,403 more words

Spartathlon Race Report: Part 3

Making my way safely to Sparta is a challenge in itself. I have been wide awake all day following the race and barely slept the night before. 708 more words


Nuova Zelanda mon amour

Lo Stretto di Cook da attraversare in kayak, fiumi da guadare, catene montuose impervie da superare: questo è Te Araroa, trail inaugurato alla fine del 2011 che, con i suoi 3054 km di lunghezza si snoda da nord a sud attraversando l’intera nazione Neo Zelandese. 133 more words

Jez Bragg

Te Araroa Episode 2 - Jez Bragg

After 53 days 9 hours and 3,054 km of running, Jez Bragg crosses the finish line of Te Araroa trail arriving in Bluff — lands end on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. 23 more words

Episode 28 Geoff Roes & Emelie Forsberg

Episode 28 of Talk Ultra has an interview with Geoff Roes who in the 2010 edition of Western States 100 set a new CR and became a star in the film, Unbreakable. 708 more words