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Christ and the Churches: Part 2 (Revelation 2:12-29)

We are still listening to what Christ has to say to the churches because these messages belong to our day as well as to the first century. 1,629 more words


Two Roads, a Recipe & a Winner

Before we get to the food let’s just take a moment to reflect on what the weekend is really about. God bless America, our fallen Veterans and their families. 403 more words


Jezebel: Kohan Says OITNB Isn't a Drama

Jezebel contributor Kara Brown reported yesterday (5/21/2015) that Jenji Kohan had some input on Orange Is the New Black‘s recategorization.

The Hollywood Reporter said: 92 more words


Clickbait Feminism: A Trend Journalists Should Avoid

There has been a recent trend of jumping on the bandwagon of a social justice issue. Whether it is showing disdain for Donald Sterling’s racist statements or targeting  businesses in Indiana for refusing to host gay weddings, it seems that people tend to join conversations when the stakes are low. 994 more words

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Jezebel: Men in Congress Won't Meet Female Staffers in Private (Because We Keep Saying Men are Libidinous Predators)

As I write this, millions around the world eagerly await the finale of AMC’s Mad Men.  Through the course of seven seasons, approximately ten trillion editorials have been written about the show’s depiction of retrograde attitudes toward women, particularly women in the workplace.  784 more words