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Understanding Op-Amp Datasheets

When building more advanced projects it’s important to remember the non-ideal aspects of real world Op-Amps. Depending if your project requires high speed, high accuracy, high gain, wide output swing, low power consumption, temperature stability… will direct which Op-amp is best for your application. 246 more words

How CMOS Works: MOSFETs, JFETs, IGFETS and More

CMOS opened the door for many if not most of the properties needed for today’s highly integrated circuits and low power portable and mobile devices. This really couldn’t happen until the speeds and current drive capabilities of CMOS caught up to the other technologies, but catch up they did. 1,228 more words


Negative resistance in nFETs

I’ve been puzzling over the source of the negative dynamic resistance in the PSMN022-30PL nFETs that I reported on in Testing nFET with function generator… 509 more words

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Project files: The J-Mo Headphone Buffer

What is it?
The project files for my version of Richard Murdey’s  J-Mo mk. 2 buffer with gain.

How big are the boards?



Several pedals have taken the “Ecstasy” moniker, supposedly to replicate the tone of the Bogner XTC amp. My favorite so far is the Goosoniqueworx Seventh Heaven. 195 more words


#5 Field Effect Transistor

Field Effect Transistor (FET) is a semiconductor device which no input current. Instead, the output current is controlled by a varying  electric field, which is created through the application of a voltage. 434 more words

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Analógica 5: amplificador con transistores

Aquí sólo vamos a tratar con transistores BJT y JFET. ¿Sólo? El BJT va a tener algo más de miga que el JFET, pero más o menos todo funciona igual. 1,073 more words