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My American Adventure: Orlando | Kennedy Space Centre

I was a bit sceptical about visiting the Kennedy Space Centre, just because our time in Orlando was limited and all I really cared about was rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse, but I was definitely glad we did. 486 more words


My Week in Movies, 2015 Week 31

August is always an introspective month for me. It’s my birthday month (this coming Friday, in fact), which brings with it a reminder of my mortality and the finite time I have left spinning on this giant rock – I’ve always been a glass half empty guy, if you hadn’t worked that out. 1,331 more words

My Week In Movies

Interesting Articles

I was reading some articles about the assassination of JFK, RFK and Dr. King at https://consortiumnews.com.

investigations of serious government wrongdoing, one after another, have been truncated – CIA abuses, Iran-Contra, Contra drug trafficking, Iraq-gate, misuse of Iraq War intelligence, Abu Ghraib – supposedly because the full stories would undermine morale or otherwise not be “good for the country.” 76 more words


A weekly feature in appreciation of the US Military and her Allies.

1964, USS Maddox (DD 731) engages three North Vietnamese motor torpedo boats. In the resulting torpedo and gunfire, Maddox hit all the boats, while she was struck only by a single 14.5-millimeter machine gun bullet. 729 more words

"America classifies way too much information - and we are all less safe for it"

This op-ed originally appeared in The Washington Post.

Warning: If you hold a security clearance, reading this column could expose you to information that potentially violates your security agreement. 1,073 more words


JFK: Tear in the Space Time Continuum

I had one of my most epic nights of dream work during the recent blue moon. A dream mission to repair a giant tear in the space time continuum, the assassination of JFK. 1,305 more words


Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.
John F. Kennedy
Be FEARLESS!!!!! Don’t let fear hold you back from trying. Fear stops growth.

-Stay Wyse, Stay Foolish