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Excessive bootyliciousness is a common obstacle many of us deal with on a daily basis.

Cards on the table, this is straight up PR fluff. However, it’s straight up PR fluff backed by authentic enthusiasm, written by someone with no talent for putting together PR fluff. 17 more words


Road Trip

This weekend I did not get to fall face first into the final clue for the Summertide MKAL and finish it before the frost comes (which seems really soon based on Saturday’s wintry conditions) because we took a road trip!   489 more words

It wasn't only about the laughs. Surely there was living and loving involved?

It’s over. Well fuck, Emily. What do I do with my life now? Oh that’s right, there were things before my evenings were consumed by guffaws, titters, snickers and cachinnation. 862 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

JFL42 Reviews: From a perfect Patton Oswalt to an amusingly straightforward John Hodgman

JFL 42, the Just For Laughs festival’s Toronto offshoot, is currently underway. We’ll be checking in throughout the week with shows we’ve loved, hated and just been downright confounded by. 1,050 more words


Oh man, I just missed my chance to use the word penultimate. Zounds!

JFL42 is almost over. I guess that means this stream of review updates will end and we can go back to inane ramblings, dumb puns and all of the other insanity that flows through my brainmeats. 548 more words


Is it fair to call him the comedy equivalent of Primer?

I’m quickly discovering that my energy and enthusiasm aren’t unlimited resources. If my train into JFL42 was running on full steam, it’s rapidly drying out. Work today has been a hard slog through molasses, dreading the lather, rinse, repeat of work/comedy/write/sleep (or more accurately work/write/comedy/write/comedy/write/comedy/write/bed). 853 more words