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Recent Trends in the Distribution and Exhibition of Chinese Language Films in the UK Cinema Market

Written by Fraser Elliott and Andy Willis.

Until recently, the distribution and exhibition of Chinese language films in the UK had followed a familiar pattern for a number of decades: Like most subtitled foreign language cinema, they were bought by distribution companies specialising in arthouse fare, who would subsequently release them onto the… 1,365 more words


Moving pictures, #39

Well, slightly less than half of this post are US films, although I’d prefer it to be no more than one or two per post. But we’re getting there, as our national railway famously once said only to be privatised and then completely fail to get anywhere… 2,112 more words



There are two lines in Jia Zhangke’s Mountains May Depart that I think help to see what the film may be about. The first is, “Nobody can be with you all through life. 1,064 more words


Moving pictures, #34

Damn, more American films. Bit of a relapse here, although to be fair four of the US films are from the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list. 2,201 more words


Movie Review - Mountains May Depart (2015)

Movie Review – Mountains May Depart (2015)

Movie Synopsis:

This Chinese film by acclaimed director Jia Zhangke looks at three distinct time periods.  The first, 1999 China, shows main characters and best friends Tao, Jinsheng, and Liangzi in a youthful and competitive love triangle during an exciting period of cultural development in China.   353 more words

Movie Review

Linearity and Cyclicality in Jia Zhangke’s 24 City (2008)

By Jasmine Hu, PhD Candidate at Harvard University

Jia Zhangke, leading filmmaker of the Sixth Generation movement of Chinese cinema, features in his work the urban spaces and dispossessed populations of contemporary China. 1,447 more words

Cultural Resistance

The Frances Farmer Show #8: SIFF 2016 Wrap-Up

As the Seattle International Film Festival draws to its close, we get together the low-points and high points of the local juggernaut marathon. Movies discussed include:  40 more words

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