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Title Matchup: Still Life vs Still Life

In Title Matchup we pit two films with the exact same title against each other to see which comes out on top. Today’s versus match is between Jia Zhangke’s Still Life (2006) and Uberto Pasolini’s Still Life (2013). 385 more words


VIFF 2016: Beautiful 2016 (Hideo Nakata; Alec Su; Stanley Kwan; Jia Zhangke, 2016)

There are always one or two duds in these omnibus things, so let’s get those out of the way. Beautiful 2016’s first short is an embarrassing Ozu homage that repurposes his hometown (Kamakura) and his one-time actress (Kyoko Kagawa), though if you’re going to steal from the master, at least do us the favor of making off with some of his good humor. 446 more words

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Mumbai Festival to Honor China’s Jia Zhangke, India’s Sai Paranjpye  

The 18th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival will honor Chinese auteur Jia Zhangke and Indian filmmaker Sai Paranjpye with ‘Excellence in Cinema’ awards.

The festival that runs Oct. 222 more words


Toronto: France's MK2 Joins Forces With Jia Zhangke's Fabula

Paris-based MK2 has signed a co-production and distribution deal with Fabula Entertainment, the recently-launched company of Chinese director-turned-producer Jia Zhangke.

The deal covers film development and production, international distribution, and support for Open Village, a network of art cinemas being established by Fabula in China. 192 more words


Recent Trends in the Distribution and Exhibition of Chinese Language Films in the UK Cinema Market

Written by Fraser Elliott and Andy Willis.

Until recently, the distribution and exhibition of Chinese language films in the UK had followed a familiar pattern for a number of decades: Like most subtitled foreign language cinema, they were bought by distribution companies specialising in arthouse fare, who would subsequently release them onto the… 1,365 more words


Moving pictures, #39

Well, slightly less than half of this post are US films, although I’d prefer it to be no more than one or two per post. But we’re getting there, as our national railway famously once said only to be privatised and then completely fail to get anywhere… 2,112 more words



There are two lines in Jia Zhangke’s Mountains May Depart that I think help to see what the film may be about. The first is, “Nobody can be with you all through life. 1,064 more words