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We should all be sustainable

I’ve been studying Fashion for many years, and it happened me to that the more I get involved with the creative process that gives form to always innovative ideas, the more I become sensible to a variety of topics that concern western consumerism and its very considerable amount of clothing waste that companies make every year.  1,189 more words


Still life, an ever-changing China

Two people return to their village in Fengjie to find something they’ve lost. Han Sanming searches for his long-lost wife so that he can see his son one last time. 318 more words

Chinese Film

The World, the Chinese Struggle

At the Beijing World Park which focuses on  duplitecture, a couple faces relationship woes. Tao, a performer is dating a guard named Taisheng. After a string of miscommunication mishaps, the cracks in their relationship have begun to show. 371 more words

Chinese Film

Still Life 三峡好人(2006)

Release Date: 4 September 2006

Directed by: Jia ZhangKe 贾樟柯

Country: China

Another Jia ZhangKe film and it seems like he has a knack for making movies that reflect the problems Chinese citizens face by the government’s social and economic policy changes. 385 more words


The World 世界 (2004)

Release Date: 4 September 2004

Directed by: Jia ZhangKe 贾樟柯

Country: China

The World or Shi Jie (as it’s pronounced in Chinese) tells the story of multiple characters that work at a theme park in BeiJing called “World Park”. 356 more words


Moving pictures 2017, #15

More of the usual – China, Poland. France and Russia. I’m still trying to expand the nations whose films I watch, but I do have my favourite directors… 2,020 more words

Film Review

New Chinese Film Festival: Zhangke At It Again

Indiewire writer Zack Sharf recently reported that Chinese director Jia Zhangke is attempting to start an international film festival in China. Zhangke’s goal with the festival is to highlight local Chinese films, which is often ignored. 274 more words