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Side effects, side effects, side effects!

Almost every medication has side effects. They vary from less serious things such as nausea or dizziness, to the more serious side such as difficulty breathing, or liver failure. 338 more words

Fighting a battle you'll never win

The biggest hope for anyone with a chronic illness or any illness for that matter, is that one day you will be cured. If there isn’t one already, we hope that scientists create a new combination which happens to be the key to curing our disease. 509 more words

High School Was The Worst Years Of My Life

High school will be some of the best years of your life” – How many times have you heard this statement?! Especially if you’re currently in high school, you’ll recognise this common statement. 1,064 more words

You Are Not Your Devices

It’s the tubes that feed you, the braces that help you walk, the chair that helps you move, and the mask that helps you breathe. Those medical devices you wear are apart of your life on a daily basis just so you can go about your day as close to ‘ordinarily’ as possible. 392 more words

Low Immune System Problems - (that no one talks about)

As an arthritic human, my immune system basically doesn’t work. It attacks my joints instead of attacking the stuff that it’s meant to fight. Which is a bit of a ball ache, really. 479 more words

Juvenile Arthritis

The Journey Begins

The Journey to the Baner Hydro Power house begins from the village Jia, located near the famous place called Dadh Khas(Place Known for Famous… 54 more words


What I Wish I'd Known When I Was Diagnosed

The diagnosis of a chronic illness is a curveball spinning at a rate of knots straight towards your face. It can be unexpected, sudden and if such ball hits you, it hurts. 801 more words