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[SERIES] Sweet Love Story #4

Written by : Nisa Nurliana || Staring : Kim Hanbin & Kim Jia
Genre : Romance, Fluff || Rating : General || Lenght : Ficlet 259… 287 more words


15 Things to Know About a Mom Raising a Child With JIA

I never imagined when I welcomed my little miracle into the world that we would be dealing with a childhood disease.  There were no childhood diseases anywhere in our family as far as we knew.   2,706 more words

JA Journey

Still Navigating Insurance and Prescriptions

So, in the post about Sophie’s last eye appointment, I mentioned that we had walked out with a prescription for allergy eye drops.  Now, a normal person would think that this would be a fairly easy medication to obtain and that there would be fairly decent options available under insurance coverage.   367 more words

JA Journey

Checking in on the Beautiful Eyes

It was time again for her 3 month check on her eyes.  I had built her up reminding her of all of the equipment at the eye doctor and how he was going to look at her beautiful eyes.   180 more words

JA Journey

Navigating Insurance and Prescriptions

You know what they say about the best laid plans … well they often go awry.  Before our trip to see Sophie’s Rheumatologist to get our education for starting Methotrexate injections, I did my homework.   1,168 more words

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Bad day ... Stand Clear

There will be good days and there will be bad days.

There are days when Sophie is able to push through the discomfort and you would never guess that there is anything wrong.   333 more words

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Selca Sunday Is A Light In The Sea Of The Abyss

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where the various on-goings of K-Pop social media is condensed into one post worthy of gushing over for the next seven days. 137 more words