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How Jian Ghomeshi Imprisoned My Blog for Over Two Years [and Albert Schultz Liberated It]

Okay, lie. Sort of. Jian Ghomeshi didn’t do that.

But in March 2016, getting ready to plot my next post, I discovered that my previously “fave new radio host” – the guy whom I, as a devoted listener, hoped might be taking CBC radio back from decades of redneck government budget-hackers and CBC-haters – seemed suddenly to be tanking at interviews. 1,955 more words

Jonathan Kay: Post-Weinstein, we must reform due process, not abandon it

“Call me old-fashioned,” Tweeted comedian Kate Willett over the weekend. “But I want a man who will protect me like I’m the reputation of a guy he’s never met.” 1,667 more words

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What if?

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the entertainment industry, huh? The news broke about Harvey Weinstein and ever since then, I wake up every day and brace myself for who might be next. 638 more words


COMMENTARY: Under Ontario private member's bill, you could be forced to hire Jian Ghomeshi

Despite Ontario’s human rights laws being among the broadest in the country, they don’t go far enough, a provincial politician says.

Liberal MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers, formerly a human rights lawyer, has introduced a private member’s bill, 810 more words


Spencer: Are we finally putting onus for harassment where it belongs? Maybe

When I moved to Ottawa from suburban Scarborough some years ago, my date took me to a well-known, mid-priced restaurant. The food was good, the service friendly. 682 more words


Words are a start, but when does sexual harassment end?

I live in hope that the talk around Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment, and “me too” moves past just talk.

The conversations, talk-show fodder and naval gazing that have followed each revelation have happened before — with the sexual abuse allegations levelled against Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, and even U.S. 690 more words


Double Standards and False Equivalencies

Harvey Weinstein is disgusting.  At the very least, he is guilty of being a lecherous, disgusting man.  At the worst, he’s a rapist.  His defence of coming-of-age in the licentious 1960s and 70s is bullshit.   471 more words