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Justice system needs an overhaul for sexual assault cases, advocates say

Of the 401 people convicted of sexual assault in Ontario in 2013-14, half served time behind bars, with the rest serving conditional sentences or probation, according to StatsCanada. 762 more words

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Welcome To The Machine: The Jian Ghomeshi Trial

I have noticed a disturbing trend that seems to be a by-product of having become a global village via the internet. Gossip, innuendo, stealing of other people’s erroneous posts, and just making shit up seems to have replaced actually reporting news. 2,017 more words

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I'm Sorry Everyone, Jian Ghomeshi Has Taken Priority

The blog will be posted late tonight, I wanted to make sure I had all of the information and did my fact checking before simply posting wild speculation. 50 more words

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Stuff Still Happens, week 6: Trudeau keeps promise, gets roasted

The Trudeau government made good on one of its election promises this week. Whether it was a good decision remains to be seen.

As promised, Trudeau is pulling our fighter jets out of the international bombing mission that is kicking the crap out of ISIS. 661 more words

Klassen: Feminism is on trial as lurid details pour out in Ghomeshi case

Feminism is surely a versatile and wholly subjective notion, but the trial of now-disgraced radio personality Jian Ghomeshi has to have a good bunch of us thinking: Geez, Louise, throw us a bone. 633 more words


What’s next for Jian Ghomeshi? Whatever the verdict, his once bright future is now unclear

When CBC darling Jian Ghomeshi was accused of sexual assault in 2014, the court of public opinion wasted no time offering its judgments – first, defending his right to sexual privacy, then, as details of the allegations emerged, retreating from those comments to stand by the women who filed complaints. 2,938 more words

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Ghomeshi granted two changes to bail conditions in past year

Jian Ghomeshi twice asked for and was granted changes to his bail conditions in the past year.

The Ontario Attorney General’s office confirmed to Global News at 5… 385 more words