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Don't Question The Judge

Jesse Brown interviewed three lawyers – Sandy Garossini, Emilie Taman, and Michael Spratt – on Canadaland Episode #130 (http://canadalandshow.com/podcast/trial-media-media-trial).  The discussion centered on Canadaland’s previous revelation about Justice Horkins’ (the judge in the Ghomeshi case) son working in the same law firm as the brother of prosecutor Marie Henin.   804 more words

Canadian Media

Embracing an “Ordinary” Life: The Power of The Ego, The Gift of Humility, And The Satisfaction of Contentment

Over the last couple of months, the Canadian public has been exposed to the very public trials and travails of two prominent Canadians who faced prosecution in the courts on criminal charges. 3,511 more words


Jian Ghomeshi trial: Crown will not appeal acquittal

The Crown will not appeal the acquittal of former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi, after he was found not guilty of all charges in his high profile sexual assault trial last month. 814 more words


Canada’s War on Women

Something’s wrong, seriously wrong, in peace-loving Canada. Actually the peace-loving label is bullshit, merely a stereotype constructed by those living in other countries, embraced by deluded Canadians who’ve yet to extract their heads from the ground. 907 more words

Political Leadership

Ghomeshi v Bryant

After the trial and acquittal of Jian Ghomeshi much has been written and spoken regarding his lawyer Marie Henein and her work with another famous client, former Ontario Attorney General, Michael Bryant. 2,028 more words

Thoughts on the Ghomeshi Case

In a CBC interview, Peter Mansbridge asked Marie Henein two interesting questions. First, is this case, this type of crime, distinctive? Second, is the system broken? 972 more words