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Words are a start, but when does sexual harassment end?

I live in hope that the talk around Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment, and “me too” moves past just talk.

The conversations, talk-show fodder and naval gazing that have followed each revelation have happened before — with the sexual abuse allegations levelled against Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, and even U.S. 690 more words


Double Standards and False Equivalencies

Harvey Weinstein is disgusting.  At the very least, he is guilty of being a lecherous, disgusting man.  At the worst, he’s a rapist.  His defence of coming-of-age in the licentious 1960s and 70s is bullshit.   471 more words


JONNO at the Next Stage Theatre Festival

It’s just been announced that my play JONNO will be presented as part of the 2018 Next Stage Theatre Festival in Toronto in January 2018. Who doesn’t want to visit Toronto in January you guys?! 144 more words


Barbara Kay: Canada's new sexual assault law is a 'catastrophic attack' on the rights of the accused

Depending on one’s view of the criminal justice system — classic vs. postmodern — there were two general takeaways from the Jian Ghomeshi trials.

Colour me classic. 853 more words

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Christie Blatchford: What if they modernize the sexual assault laws and nobody cares?

As someone very much smarter than me said recently, the federal government’s purported modernization of Canada’s sexual assault laws may make lucky white women feel better, but it appears to accomplish little else – and it certainly does nothing for the unlucky among us. 895 more words


"Uhh, I don't know" was all I could say at the time. Today, I know better.

“[…] And these notions of masculinity that you have a right to a woman’s body…that women are of less value and that you have a privilege, that’s almost a birthright.” 788 more words


Conservative bill on sex-assault training for would-be judges to get Liberals’ support

OTTAWA — The Liberal government says it will support a proposed Conservative bill that would require anyone hoping to be considered for the bench to undergo comprehensive training in sexual assault law. 687 more words