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'People are fed up': Ottawa activist discusses Royal Military College harassment

Julie Lalonde says she didn’t go public in October after she was subjected to cat-calls and harassment at the Royal Military College in Kingston — which had hired the outspoken advocate for sexual-assault prevention to speak to cadets — because she wasn’t convinced people would believe her. 702 more words

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Better than British fans is something to be proud of?

When I first heard about the fate of the young men who made disrespectful and obscene comments to on-air CITY TV reporter Shauna Hunt who was covering a Toronto FC soccer match, my initial reaction was ambivalence. 736 more words

Jian Ghomeshi, Pt. 8

206) Jian Ghomeshi, Pt.8

This news is already 5 days old, so I’ve likely lost Deke’s high esteem as the Peter Mansbridge of music blogging news. 168 more words

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Five firings over off-hours conduct

Social media is abuzz over an Ontario company’s decision to fire an employee caught spewing vulgarities at a female television reporter. Here are five other examples of people who lost their jobs for activities taking place off-hours. 418 more words


Christie Blatchford: Dropping of two charges against Jian Ghomeshi a normal part of legal process

After months of heat and emotional public discussion if not angst in the Jian Ghomeshi case, this week came the formal beginning of the cooler process that is the criminal justice system. 639 more words