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Well, kind of. Boomf (the personalised marshmallow company founded by the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger brother, James Middleton, in 2013) is looking for an intern to join its team – and has launched a competition to find the perfect candidate. 234 more words

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Proactive Destruction

See the progress in getting to the core of my Ford Falcon re-engineering project.  It’s shockingly easy to rip a 1992 Corvette apart with your bare hands (gloves are recommended) in an afternoon… 195 more words

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Let's talk intolerance

Onions are the white devil. Let’s just get that straight, first thing.

It’s a complicated story to tell in it’s entirety, but to tell only the most salient details, I developed my intolerance on my 20th birthday. 301 more words


This deal about Boys Love (BL). Or Shounen'ai. Or Yaoi.

I hardly get sick, but when I do, man do I get knocked out. I’m currently nursing a dry sore throat and the onset of a runny nose. 1,241 more words

Back to the next thing...

So rather than continuing to feed off of rotting meat, I’ve decided that one year of law school was enough.  It was not one too many, because the idea had been in the back of my head for a long time, like more than 20 years, so it had to be tried.   281 more words

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Follow your passion. Without question.

What’s your biggest regret? I’ve tried my best to answer this question with optimism and perspective that I couldn’t regret anything, because everything I did before was meant to shape the person I am today. 459 more words