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The Dog on the Ganges ( a.k.a Longest Hashtag ever Written)


JIbber Jabber

Last Cat On Mars Presents: A Question Of Interpretation

I would simply like to point out that Jibber Jabber is a preferred language at the Ye Olde Mars-y Tavern, Bistro, Grill & Tuna Tagine on the shores of the beautiful Erythraean Sea here on the fourth rock. Especially after midnight.


What I see in a Cup of Tea

I love tea. I grew up drinking the stuff. But it is not just a drink. It is an event. There is a feel to it and only experiences with a feel to them, are worth a damn. 583 more words

JIbber Jabber

Spam Revenge: Mr Woolworths

To whom it may concern

I sincerely hope that this enquiry finds an intimate moment with Mr Woolworths himself, for it deserves the attention of the big guy. 361 more words

JIbber Jabber

The Mall......at the end of the month.

As I was saying, a Mall at the end of the month, the horror! When these crowds come lumbering in with their fat wallets and even fatter cars. 1,279 more words

JIbber Jabber

Patrick Ney: Chcę leczyć Polaków z kompleksów

Anna Malec: Przyszedłeś na nasze spotkanie w czapce Legii! Jesteś kibicem?

Patrick Ney*: Tak, chodzę regularnie na mecze. Pierwszy raz byłem na Żylecie, kiedy jeszcze nie znałem polskiego. 1,686 more words

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