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In case anyone didn't throw up . . .

Here’s a pic or two of the current state of the car (my summer project) that’s so liberally colored this blog:

No, there’s nothing left, short of body parts, that was made by Ford.   187 more words

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Attack on Titan live-action film: unique spin-off or complete ripoff?

I did not want to see this movie. Not at first anyway.

I suppose with a franchise as successful as Attack on Titan, opinions could go either way: would it live up to its reputation? 468 more words

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Hey peeps!! Wow what a few days I’ve had. 33 to be exact. I won’t bore you with the exact hours and minutes. You’re welcome. 631 more words

David Letterman: Shut up, poser!

It sucks hugely when someone is severely injured or dies when racing a car (or just from driving like a jackass).  Unfortunately, this is just what is likely to happen when you strap a human into a device that is designed purely to create as much acceleration as possible.   257 more words

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New Food Discovery! And it's Vegan!

I have this habit to relax, I go onto the internet and I link surf cooking blogs and websites.  Yes, that is me relaxing; looking at food porn. 229 more words

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Nowisee : a multi-platform social media storytelling project

Who doesn’t like a good story? And who wouldn’t like a story told well?

I’m always amazed at storytellers, whether through books, plays, screens, or even audio. 463 more words

It's Almost a Year :)

Hi everyone, it’s almost a year and I didn’t write anything in my blog. Well, today’s gonna be different, I have something I want to share. 48 more words

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