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The Junior Institution of Engineers – A Predecessor of the IET

The name Junior Institution of Engineers (JIE) came into existence in 1902 and survived until 1971 when its name changed once more. The JIE had started out life as the Vulcanic Society in 1884 and experienced several name changes before eventually becoming the JIE. 770 more words

IET History


There was once a man and a woman who loved each other well. They had a son who was their best joy. They brought him around the world and bought him presents. 24 more words


材料: 茄子600g; 豬肉碎200g; 細蝦米2茶匙; 蒜蓉2茶匙; 蝦醬 2茶匙;豆辦醬2茶匙; 葱粒3茶匙;醃料:生抽,鹽,糖,胡椒粉適量,粟粉2茶匙, 水2湯匙

做法:豬肉碎用醃料醃半小時備用。茄子間花去皮切長形塊狀備用。 先用油爆炒散肉碎至熟鏟起待用。再起油鑊,暖油輕爆蒜蓉,再爆蝦米和蝦醬,再放入茄子略炒,下1/3杯水蓋上煑2-3分鐘至軟身(最好不要煑得過久而令茄子全爛而沒有口感)再下豆辦醤和糖,加上肉碎,試味,下葱粒,如還有多汁,可以加些少粟粉水埋獻炒均勻上碟。