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Be wary of so-called "healthy" foods at "healthy" places

I was staying in Raleigh, North Carolina and the hotel has a deal where you can use the Alexander Family YMCA for free. Awesome! On my second day there, I decided to grab a protein smoothie. 205 more words

Hypoglycemic Diet

Ashton Kutcher: a dad’s best hope

They say ‘good things come to those who wait,’ but it’s likely Ashton Kutcher never listened.

Upon leaving the University of Iowa in 1996, Kutcher rose to meteoric fame by immediately modeling, and then landing on Fox’s long-running “That ‘70s Show” by 1998, where he gained his instant stardom. 516 more words

Wrong Number: A closer look at Impact Factors

This is a long post about Journal Impact Factors. Thanks to Stephen Curry for encouraging me to post this.



Fight to the Death: Jif battles Skippy for Salted Caramel Supremacy

The first time I moved away from home, I raged against the machine.

That machine was my mom and her being the choosy mom who chose Jif peanut butter.   782 more words

Food & Drink

What's So Hard About Finding Friends, Anyway?

One of the most often-asked question I get these days (besides “Do you ever do school in your pajamas?”) is “So, how many friends do you have?” and it makes me cringe when I hear it, because I do not number my friends and base my friendship worth on how many of them I have. 449 more words


Product Review: Smuckers Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread - HaliPawz

I occasionally enjoy toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam in the morning for breakfast. I am not one to eat PB&J sandwiches, so this is the only time I get to taste these flavors together. 806 more words

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Chocolate Baked French Toast

It’s apparently been 2 1/2 years since the last time I made a baked french toast, which is crazy because it’s such an easy way to have a fabulous morning! 508 more words