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Canada: Man charged with threatening to shoot people inside mosque is…Muslim

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, March 21, 2017: Hate crime is a booming business today: both Leftists and their Muslim allies are making as much of use of hate crimes as they possibly can in order to discredit foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression as racist, redneck, violent yahoos who deserve no place in […]

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More madness in our Muslim schools

“Australia: Muslim primary school students threaten to behead teacher, Education Dept dismisses her complaints”, Jihad Watch, March 16, 2017: “She said the final straw was when she received death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her….She said she was abused by students when she […]

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Toronto imam says Muslims will eventually kill all Jews

H/T Jihad Watch.

Killing all of the Jews will only happen in the dreams of these goat humping followers of the Pedophile Mohammed.

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Robert Spencer video: Why the State Department Swamp Is In Dire Need of Draining

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer explains some of the key failed policies and analyses that the Trump administration State Department should jettison quickly and decisively.

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President Trump was right about Sweden — aussieconservativeblog

“View from Sweden: Donald Trump was Right”, Jihad Watch, February 26, 2017: In a speech February 18, President Trump made an offhand remark about my home country of Sweden.

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UK: Headteacher gets death threats from Muslim parents over her “offensive clothes”

H/T Jihad Watch.

The liberals keep telling us how peaceful Islam is but the facts say otherwise.

Islam is a cult of death murder and rape founded by the Pedophile Mohammed. 513 more words

Muslim leader admits that Qur’an allows for wife-beating

Australia: Muslim leader admits that Qur’an allows for wife-beating, Jihad Watch, February 23, 2017: Why would anyone expect him to say anything different? The mandate to beat one’s wife is in the Qur’an: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to […]

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