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CBS poll: Two-thirds of Democrats say Islam and Christianity are equally violent

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Two thirds of DemocRats are mentally defective.

’Conservatives claim that all terrorists are Muslim, but most violent attacks in the U.S. are carried out by white men,’” says Salon. 876 more words

The Hill Publishes Islamophobic Fake News on Venezuela

By Ryan Mallett-Outtrim | Venezuelanalysis | January 30, 2017

Love it or hate it, The Hill can be a pretty useful source of information on the goings on around DC, but its latest article on Venezuela comes from some disturbing places.

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Importance of Trump’s Executive Order might not be fully understood for generations

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President Trump’s Executive Order is a move to help keep America and American safe.

Separating ourselves from the hysteria over Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, this is the crucial paragraph if you want to understand what Trump’s Administration is doing (full text of the statement… 1,753 more words

Another Hoax for the Sake of Allah

How embarrassing.

Yet another young Muslim woman, this time in Austria, has claimed to be the victim of an anti-Muslim attack. And once again, video evidence has shown her to be lying. 19 more words

Senators introduce bill to defund UN over anti-Israel resolution

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Defunding the United Nations is long over due now serve the United Nations an eviction notice.

It is time to get the United Nations out of the United States. 421 more words

Keith Ellison: Israel controls U.S. foreign policy

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Keith Ellison is an anti Semite and the future leader of the DemocRat Party.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), whose ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are well known… 1,857 more words

New York: Muslim charged with “Nice in Times Square” jihad mass murder plot

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How many more attacks are being planned by the followers of the Pedophile Mohammad? 

New Yorker charged with ’Nice in Times Square’ terrorism plot – report,” … 159 more words