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Washington state: Turkish Muslim, Arcan Cetin, arrested for murder of five people inside Cascade Mall

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But,But the Obama Media said he was Hispanic how can this be true?

When I saw his picture I said he was a goat humping follower of The Pedophile Mohammad aka a Muslim.  783 more words


Some observations and thoughts that are worth considering on this the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

(The title and stillshot look a little sensationalistic but don’t let  that put you off. It is a serious interview.)

Religious/Theological Reflections

Hugh Fitzgerald: Howard “Dizzy” Dean and “The Farthest Thing From an Islamic Republic”

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Howard Dopey Dean had a famous blooper in 2004.

Here is Dopey Dean at his best.

Howard Dean, he of the shriek… 1,711 more words

European Dominoes: Sharia in Switzerland

Forced underage marriages on the rise in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the number of forced underage marriages has jumped since 2015 to five times the number reported in the last decade. 151 more words


Islamic State and al-Qaeda jihadists both threaten Brazil Olympics

Going to Rio for the Olympic games I would think twice about going.

If you are an athlete is the possibility of a gold medal worth dying for? 38 more words