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Crusader Corner: The "Global Crisis" of Mental Illness in Muslims...Try Not To Laugh

Here are two excellent treatises by Robert Spencer and Daniel Greenfield on the subject of the Global Scam (outright Lies are more like it) being perpetrated on the World concerning Mental Illness, not Islam, being the cause of the majority of Terrorism in the World, because after all, Islam is a Religion of Peace, right?? 681 more words

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Robert Spencer speaks in Grande Prairie

I’m a reporter in Grande Prairie, Alberta. My editor, for whatever reason, didn’t want to run my story on Robert Spencer’s talk here (though they did run my… 909 more words

Grande Prairie

Jesuit priest: Islam is “violent throughout its entire history” out of “obedience to the Law of Allah”

This is from Jihad Watch.

Islam bringing the world slavery,beheadings,rape and murder since the seventh century.

Another Jesuit strays off the reservation. No matter how ruthlessly Pope Francis and the U.S. 2,125 more words

Afghanistan: 10 Muslims blown up while making a bomb inside a mosque

This is from Jihad Watch.

Islam the religion of pieces.

How many mosques in American have arms and explosives?

i would say all of them especially the one in Plainfield,Indiana. 208 more words

Citadel mulls changing uniform policy to allow Muslim cadet to wear hijab

This is from Jihad Watch.

If The Citadel allows Muslims to alter their dress code will they add other religions?

Will Jewish cadets be allowed to wear their… 397 more words

Crusader Corner: Small Arsenal & ISIS Flag Found at Spanish Holiday Hotspot

This is either misdirection or an obvious indicator that ISIS is going to continuing to target tourist hot spots in Europe this summer This does not exclude American Summer Tourist hot spots by the way,  something tells me they are going to wait until Summer for their next big attack.  318 more words

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