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Video: Robert Spencer on why the Islamic State is Islamic

This is from Jihad Watch.

I wonder how many lists Robert Spencer is on?

I wonder how many lists I am on?

The Islamic State: Is It Islamic? 132 more words

Boko Haram murders 50 as it pledges allegiance to the Islamic State

This is from Jihad Watch.

I can say for certain the Islamic State sure as Hell is no longer the junior varsity like Obama claimed they were. 347 more words

Palestinian Authority rewards jihadis for number of Jews they murder

This is from Jihad Watch.

Adolph Hitler would be proud of his Muslim stooges continuing to murdering Jews.

He would be proud of the Palestinian Authority from rewarding his Muslim stooges for murdering Jews.  566 more words

#RapeCulture: #Muslims in the #UK

There is more news about rape culture, but its not those evil white American males the feminists always tell you about.  Nope, its the ever expanding Muslim rape gang scandal in the United Kingdom. 362 more words


Cruz files bill to ban U.S.-based Islamic State jihadis from returning to the U.S.

This is from Jihad Watch.

Not only should these loser be denied the ability to return to America, they should become persona non grata.

I bet the opposition to this bill comes from Democrats and team Obama. 408 more words

Europe Died In Auschwitz

A guest post by IQ al Rassooli

The following is a translation of an article which was published in Spain AFTER the Madrid bombings by a Spanish journalist Sebastian Vivar Rodriguez: November 21, 2004. 628 more words


4 Muslim groups responsible for 66% of all 17,958 terror killings in 2013

This is from Jihad Watch.

This is Islam in action, these are not radicals, but true followers of the pedophile Mohammed.

This is the terror these goat humpers wants to bring to America. 320 more words