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Sources: Navy officer, Marine fought to take out Chattanooga gunman

Well it appears one of the slain Marines was armed and the Navy CO at the recruiting center was too, BOTH of them returning fire during the shooting… Seeing the govt.’s actions thus far in this incident, I doubt we will find out the truth if the rounds they fired were the ones the killed the shooter or at least contributed to his demise…let us hope they were, because it will show that beyond a shadow of a doubt, ARMING our men in uniform is the better solution than having them “hide” by… 175 more words

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Has America Surpassed the EU in Cowardice toward Terrorism?

I ask that question based on a recent article in the Daily Beast concerning Hezbollah operating in Europe. The wording in this article is very strange, but yet, eerily familiar. 621 more words

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“Extremists…have given Islam a bad name, but…have no connection with the religion” Really?

It is extremely telling indeed when the media do not report on the many different sects within Islam even though there isn’t supposed to be any, lucky for us though that there are. 847 more words

The Attitude that is Getting Americans Killed...

This is the attitude of political correctness toward islam that cost 4 GOOD Marines and now a Navy Petty Officer who was wounded but succumbed to his wounds Saurday their lives and will without a doubt, cost many more innocent  lives. 186 more words

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Is Iran Treaty In Accordance With Shari'ah?

I am by no means a scholar of Islam, but I have read much on the life of Muhammad and the history surrounding his life. Hearing about the… 598 more words

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2nd Tunisia Terror Attack Foiled


2nd Tunisia jihad attack foiled, 5 Islamic State jihadis shot dead


Ramadan continues. “Second Tunisia terror attack foiled: Five ISIS extremists are shot dead in Islamic stronghold as thousands of British tourists are evacuated,” by Ollie Gillman, … 100 more words

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Putting things in Perspective with ISIS

FBI has arrested 30 Muslims on U.S. soil this year for Islamic State plots


The Islamic State threat metastasizes and yet not one U.S. 276 more words

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