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European Dominoes: Sharia in Switzerland

Forced underage marriages on the rise in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the number of forced underage marriages has jumped since 2015 to five times the number reported in the last decade. 151 more words


Islamic State and al-Qaeda jihadists both threaten Brazil Olympics

Going to Rio for the Olympic games I would think twice about going.

If you are an athlete is the possibility of a gold medal worth dying for? 38 more words

UK: Muslims who tried to abduct RAF serviceman at knife-point part of larger gang

Winston Churchill lead the British to victory over the Nazis.

Who will be the next Churchill to lead the British to victory over the Muslims? 33 more words

Afghan Refugee Axe Killer in Germany

Axe Attack by Muslim Migrant:   What Else Did Angela Merkel Expect?

July 19, 2016 10:07 am By Robert Spencer |  Jihad Watch

The latest jihad attack in Germany reveals how difficult it is becoming for the political and media elites to maintain their fantasy-based narrative in the face of reality. 

125 more words
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Facebook, Twitter Sued for Censorship and Discrimination

BY: PAMELA GELLER JULY 14, 2016 from Sons of Liberty Media

Editor’s note; This is of great interest to this Bishop as I and other Christian Ministers have been targeted for discrimination by social media giants,  Freedom of religion and freedom of speech must be preserved in this country or all that we have worked for and shed blood for as Americans is for naught.   241 more words

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Government Gangsters: Immoral Politicians Fuel Racial Fire

The title does not mention the comment HRC makes about “White Terrorism”….WTF! How about Black on White Violence? Another case of “Convenient Statistics”.  Never has then been more of a blatant example of a corrupt, elitist politician stirring the “racial pot”.  551 more words

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