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Mehdi Hasan: Only “the terrorists and the Islamophobes” say that jihad “refers to violence” — Aussie Conservative Blog

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, July 8, 2017: In the wake of Linda Sarsour’s declaration of jihad against President Trump, Leftists and Islamic supremacists have been taking the line that only “Muslim extremists” and “Islamophobes” say that jihad involves violence: Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush said much the same thing: The clear intention here is not just […]

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Muslim murders man, says “This is for ISIS and al-Qaeda,” cops say terrorism “one line of inquiry”

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, June 5, 2017: He was, of course, “on parole and known to counter-terrorism cops,” like so many other Islamic jihadis. There are just so many to keep track of, and Western governments, apparently bent on national and civilizational suicide, are importing more all the time.

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Muslim Air Force vet gets 35 years for trying to join the Islamic State

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Only thirty five years this bastard needs to be setting in a cell waiting for a firing squad.

“I am a Mujahid. I am a sword against the oppressor and a shield for the oppressed. 564 more words

Texas Badass Sheriff Just Gave 33 Million Muslims WORST News Of Their Lives With What He Did 3 Days After

Whenever Muslims go on a killing spree in the name of their barbaric religion, liberals waste no time advocating for these people, lecturing everyone who’s upset at Muslims to stop being “racists” and “xenophobes.” While Muslims might have liberals in their back pockets as their biggest allies, these morons are quickly learning that Texans aren’t going to tolerate their crap any longer, as one badass sheriff has just put the entire Muslim community on warning with a brutal promise, bringing life to the famous phrase “don’t mess with Texas.” 744 more words

The Left's Misguided Love Affair With Islam, VIDEO

Islamophobia: someone who knows more about Islam than they are supposed to.

Why do so many liberals praise a religion that, at its root, is quite conservative, if not fundamentalist? 676 more words

Europe’s Downfall

Europe’s denial of Islamic terrorism threat perplexes security specialists

The Manchester massacre underscores complaints from counterterrorism analysts that Europe has fallen into denial about the threat of Islamic terrorism. 995 more words