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jihad Sultan Syaifuddin Muzaffar al Quthuz di bulan ramadhan

Ramadhan adalah bulan perjuangan. Mulai dari perang Badar, perang Tabuk, menggali parit untuk perang Khandaq, penaklukkan Ma

kkah, penaklukkan Andalusia, serta banyak peperangan terjadi di bulan ini termasuk perang Ain Jalut

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Jihadi Update!

Bangladesh police storm restaurant where Islamist militants hold hostages


Another Jihadi event. Mark my words. This is not going to go away. It will soon become the norm.   7 more words
L. A. Marzulli

Police Storm Dhaka Café In Rescue Effort - Outcome Seems Very Looming...

Sketchy Details – Bangladesi Police (Rapid Action Force) using approximately 100 commandos stormed the café in Dhaka Bangladesh where approximately 30 people were being held hostage by eight ISIS terrorists armed with assault rifles and grenades. 48 more words

Media Bias

Why Are We Losing This War? Here's A Clue From 2010 - Nothing Has Changed Since Then

Thanks to Diana West for this illuminating and very disturbing video.  Words to describe the willful blindness to Islam exhibited here, which was and is… 148 more words


Religion vs. Relationship vs. Islam

Let me start off by saying that I am a white Christian….Are they gone? Okay, now that the leftists have dismissed everything I will write here, the rest of us can have an honest and objective discussion about Islam in the wake of the most recent wave of ISIS attacks in both Bangladesh and Turkey. 678 more words


About the term Muhajer

Quick notes about the word “Muhajer”

1- The word #Muhajer comes from the very Hajara, ha-ja-ra

2- Its importance in Islamic terms stems from the act of # 280 more words

Bangladesh Terrorist Attack - Islamic Gunman Take 20 Hostages in Restaurant...

The situation is still unfolding but it doesn’t look good.  Initial reports state six to eight heavily armed gunmen shouting “Allahu Akbar” have taken approximately 20 to 30 hostages in a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh at approximately 8pm local time. 278 more words