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Ethics and Deradicalization Against Terrorism


*This text was submitted to us in French and translated.

Since the great successes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS) in 2014 and the series of spectacular attacks in France in 2015, the phenomenon of religious radicalization (supposedly the origin of the jihadism), has been particularly… 3,989 more words



This is an excerpt from Bill Warner’s book The Political Traditions of Mohammed – The Hadith for Unbelievers.

Koran 61:11 Believe in Allah and His messenger and fight valiantly for Allah’s cause with both your wealth and your lives. 365 more words

Political Islam

Syrian "Refugee" Knifes Passer By In Regensburg, Bavaria

German Source.

Regensburg is normally not part of the heavily islamized zones Hamburg, Berlin, NRW, Frankfurt. The attack was done with a 10 cm long knife, stab in the back, injuring the victim critically. 179 more words


Just a thought of what should have been.

Boudica Bpi‏ @Boudicabpi

Just a thought of what should have been.

Theresa May At The House Of Commons - Westminster Jihad Attack Was Not An Act Of Islamic Terrorism

Incredible.  If one did not see the images and hear the words in this video, it would be difficult to believe that the ignorance of Muslim history, the ignorance of Muhammad’s life, and the misunderstanding of Islam’s ideology could possibly continue. 70 more words


It's Official - President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi Will Visit White House on April 3rd...

It’s on!  M.E.G.A meets M.A.G.A next Monday, April 3rd:

WHITE HOUSE – President Donald J. Trump looks forward to welcoming President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt for an official visit to Washington on April 3.  900 more words