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Source: Multiracial Reverted Muslims

What is Islam and who are Muslims?

Islam is a natural and complete way of life which encourages one to…

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Jihad: Martyrdom of Holy Wars?

“If anyone slew an innocent it would be as if he slew the whole mankind.”

Jihad is not terrorism.

Jihad is not killing innocent people.

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Improvised Explosive Device Kills Children in Burkina Faso

Not less than 6 people were killed, when an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Burkina Faso.

Most of those killed were children, reports have confirmed on Sunday. 121 more words


Why Do Veterans Commit Suicide?

Enoch Powell was a reserve general in the British Army during WWII. Toward the end of his life, he was asked by a journalist whether he had any regrets, and replied that he wished he’d been killed in the war. 874 more words


Kashmir Waiting!!

363 Days
Humanity in danger..
Genocide progressive..
Hearts bleeding..
And Tanks ruling..
Valley in despair..
It is Kashmir💔💔

Islamismus in Burkina Faso – Hilfe für Binnenflüchtlinge

Tausende Christen flüchten aus ihren Heimatdörfern in Burkina Faso, denn aus den Nachbarländern Mali und Niger dringen mit dem Islamismus immer mehr Gewalt und Extremismus ins Land ein. 10 more words



360 Days 
5 days less than a year..
Tyranny, oppression,
Genocide, Blood
Valley is red...
Wake up...
Kashmir Calls you😥😭