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Breitbart, by JAMES LYONS 28 Aug 2015:

Never in my lifetime, did I believe I would witness our great country being taken down and withdrawn from our world leadership role by our own administration.  839 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Germany: Illegal Muslim Immigrants Riot After al-Qur'an Discovered in a Toilet

Please, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that’s where shit was supposed to go?

by, Nicolai Sennels | 10News.dk

Incidents like these show that many of the “asylum seekers” coming to Europe are extremely religious. 389 more words

Islam in the Media

Imagine if instead of having to come up with excuses or reasons for our actions, there was a word that could cover up everything. Instead of having to delve deep and explain complex situations that one magic word was explanation enough for all of the world’s woes. 404 more words


Jihad in Thailand

Another apartment raided and was loaded with bomb making materials. How many more! It doesn’t look good. That Earwan Shrine attack was only the beginning for more to come. 434 more words


A Farewell to Terror : Sequel to Revelation at Dawn

This short story is dedicated to the safe return of our girls. May God help us bring them back.
‘’Can I have that girl before tomorrow’s martyrdom?’’ Yunus pointed towards the direction of the kidnapped girls, who sat around a tree and whose faces exhibited melancholy as he joined Abu Birna in his early morning routine walk around Kelwa. 1,967 more words