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Al Qaeda's Own Propaganda Video Accidentally Provides U.S. Intel for Drone Strikes in Yemen

‘..al Qaeda accidentally provides the U.S. Military with their names, faces, vehicle license plates and location..’

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Imagine if Al Qaeda knew!

Imagine if Al Qaeda knew all of this!  Imagine if they knew that they are really spirits, and that they are right now energizing many “focus personalities.” many of them women, many Christian or Jewish, and that when the die they become more aware of their total Big Self, which includes “people” of many races and social positions, possibly from the lowest to the highest. 323 more words

Headshot: autumn break

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Farxxxx, boleh tak bagi kata semangat sikit? Tepulahh tak masuk dah ni.

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The Real Meaning of the Word Jihad

“The most excellent Jihād is the speaking up (of) the truth in the face of an unjust ruler.” Mishkāt: 17

We see it just about every week in a newspaper article, where the word is interpreted as something it is not. 707 more words


Subhanallah, Jabhah Nushrah meruntuhkan Justice Palace di Aleppo melalui terowongan

Muhib Al-Majdi Senin, 20 Jumadil Akhir 1435 H / 21 April 2014 11:00

Saat peledakan bom-bom yang meruntuhkan gedung Juztice Palace

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