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The Road from Coorain Discussion Questions

  1. Memoirs can be written for a variety of different purposes. What do you think motivated Conway to share her life story? How did you respond to her “voice”?
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Discussion Questions

Vintage Departures

Twenty years ago I read Danziger’s Travels, my first Vintage Departures book and have had a love affair with this series ever since. The selectors of the titles published under this Random House imprint have identical reading tastes to mine. 226 more words

Goals and Dreams

True North by Jill Ker Conway is the continuation of her story after she emigrated to the U.S.  After reading The Road from Coorain, I wanted to read about the rest of Ker’s life.   116 more words

The Bleating Bush

I became interested in reading The Road From Coorain by Jill Ker Conway after watching a Masterpiece Theatre movie based on the book.  The story intrigued me and I tracked down a copy of the book so that I might further enjoy the original story. 177 more words

Jill Ker Conway, "The Road from Coorain"

Why do we read memoir anyway? Whose life is interesting enough to, well, deserve that I should spend several hours on it, instead of alphabetizing my spice cupboard or for that matter, writing my own memoir?   433 more words


The challenge of memoir

I’ve been working on my family history this week, sifting through my notes to try to cobble together basic timelines and family trees, figuring out the gaps in my knowledge. 1,045 more words