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Living Our Mission and Vision: Practice Makes Perfect at Key Hyundai

We asked all the solution providers in the sales departments to tell us about a time when they provided a solution to a customer that made them proud to be a solution provider and not a product pusher.  417 more words

Jill Merriam

Weekly Musings: Practice is the Key to Success|Ct Hyundai dealer

Do you ever look at someone and feel jealous about what they have? How far they’ve gotten in life? Do you ever think, “why not me?” Well, there’s an alternative to that thinking. 383 more words

Jill Merriam

Key Hyundai of Milford's Own Larry Plunkett

Employee Spotlight time!  Introducing….Larry Plunkett!

Larry provides solutions as a Service Advisor at Key Hyundai of Milford.  Larry has been in the automotive business for 27 years!  381 more words

Jill Merriam

Weekly Musings: A Customer Wrote a Poem about Key Hyundai - Wow!

August 8, 2013

Dear Solution Providers.

I am thrilled to show you this poem that a customer wrote about Key Hyundai of Manchester.  That’s right, a poem!  195 more words

Jill Merriam

Weekly Musings: Selling is Not Hard. Listen WAY More than you Talk.

I’ve had to interact with a lot of sales people recently.  We’re investing in a sales training system for the Key Hyundai sales force so I’ve talked to a lot of automotive vendors.   401 more words

Jill Merriam

Weekly Musings: We all have the same 168 hours in a week. Spend yours wisely.

I was reading an article in Fortune magazine about Jim Haslam, the guy that started the Pilot Truck Stops (there’s one right in Milford).  He started post Korean War and now has 496 outlets around the country and they produce $30 billion in sales. 710 more words

Jill Merriam

Weekly Musings: Positive Coaching Alliance and the Work at Key Hyundai

My husband, Rob, reinforced an important lesson for me last week.  He is a baseball fanatic.  He’s coaching my son, Brady’s AAA Little League team this year.  342 more words

Jill Merriam