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1: From the Top

A little Rated R.

The café wasn’t too noisy, just enough so that others couldn’t hear what he was saying. He leaned in close to the male, whispering in his ear, drawing a blush up onto his cheek. 2,550 more words


Black and White - portrait

my sister in law, Jill

(photo courtesy of Jill Coleman)

Character Introduction: Kozu and Mamoru

Kozu Ikazuki and Mamoru Hikigaya are my first OC characters of this series! Thye kinda started it all! Theres alot of trouble around this relationship.. because its not really a relationship! 9,555 more words


Character Introduction: Hinata and Kageyama

one of my stories started as a Haikyuu fanfiction, still in the omegaverse. The creation of other characters turned it into its own thing. so while these two aren’t MY characters, they are part of the story, and i wrote an introduction of them into the omegaverse. 4,028 more words


Character Introduction - Tomaru and Kyoya Heika

This is a small short I wrote, its.. kind of not canon. its plausible but it wasn’t a good opener for their story. It would probably have taken place a few months before Top actually starts. 1,581 more words


New Blog and Haitus!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see!


WELL to get things kickin’, I want to go ‘Yay almost been blogging a year’ but i stopped in about March.. 631 more words