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30DayChallenge: Day 9! Favorite Villian

The best villain huh? Well a villain is not the same as an antagonist, so who is a great, cunning character who is out to harm people? 196 more words

Summer 2016 Lineup

30DayChallenge: Day 7! My Waifu!!

One Week Down! Let me reward myself~ by answering this very easy question, Who is my Waifu? 283 more words


Bubuki Buranki: Season 1 Episode 1

BBNK was the most questioned anime of its season. It was 100% original, no source material, so no one knew if the story was good, if the characters were well thought out, or even what the genre was. 1,236 more words


Between the Layers // Jill Kintner’s Quest for Queen of Crankworx

video from Freehub Magazine

The Queen of Crankworx is a competition that spans three different parts of the world and often four or more disciplines of mountain biking. 115 more words

Mountain Bike

Haikyuu!!: Episode 6-10

Welcome back for the second installment of the Haikyuu Superfest! This honestly has made me so happy, being able to rewatch this series like this. Its an amazing show, with fantastic art and a stunning ability to build feelings. 1,497 more words

Summer 2016 Lineup

David Warms Up: Day 46


LEON, a man in his 20s wearing a dirty t-shirt and a cast on both legs, sits with his feet propped up at the kitchen table, waiting for breakfast. 223 more words


Thought Of The Day. September 11, 2016

Instead of posting status updates on Facebook, I am now posting each apothegm, thought, observation, and witticism, here, as a Thought Of The Day.
Status updates on Facebook disappear into the ether and cannot be relocated by readers. 432 more words