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Cooking with Jill: Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Feeling hungry? Try something new and healthy for dinner tonight – chicken lettuce wraps! Follow along with Jill @HandleBarSnap tonight for a step by step tutorial, and find the recipe here! 389 more words


"Principle -the LIVE BEST-" by Rose Noire (album digest)

Rose Noire will release their album “Principle -the LIVE BEST-” on January 25th. You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below! 33 more words


Cheating Craft: Episode 7-8

Teekyu doesn’t have this many plot holes.

So it appears Mumei isn’t dead. And his father isn’t in jail? 416 more words


Cheer Danshi: Episode 6

Shos secret!! Which kinda contradicts what he’s said in uplifting speeches before.. 598 more words


Keijo: Episode 2

Boobs and butts aside, this episode is about teamwork. 332 more words


Cheating Craft: Episode 4-5

Is softcore Ecchi a thing?

Cheating Craft is so far from the first episode they are different shows. The test taking, and impact the tests have are not so much the main focus anymore, just a means to a setting. 424 more words


Today Show Steals and Deals 11/30/16

The week of #StealsAndDeals continues on the TODAY show with something for everyone in your life! Jill Martin’s Steals and Deals today include cookbooks, kitchen cooker, Bliss products and more. 27 more words