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Jillie Q Goes One On One With Liam & Louis From One Direciton!

Jillie Q goes one on one with two of the stars of One Direction!  Check it out!

Jillie Q

Man Style

Yes…I had my toes painted.  This is the peril of having a girl.  I have also had my hair did and had been a dummy for an aspiring make-up artist.   542 more words

Cat Thomas

Olly Murs Is Awesome...Really Awesome!

What a great weekend!  I was all set to interview One Direction then last minute, I was told I could interview Olly Murs!   Even though he was opening for 1D, he is a star in his own right.   10 more words

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My First Gymnastics Event

So I actually got to participate in my first ever SCORED Gymnastics event.   I got a 36.6 out of 40.  My dad, shot video and put it up here for me.   Check it out…

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Jillie's First Gymnastics Meet

Check out Jillie in her first ever Gymnastics event.   She had four events.   Balance Beam, Vault, Floor Exercise and High Bar.  Unfortunately, my battery died during the Floor Exercise.   12 more words

Las Vegas

Justin minus the shirt!

Yes, it’s true…I love Justin Bieber!  On a boat in the middle of a lake might be the only place JB can find a little peace and quiet.  25 more words

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