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My name is Catherine and I’m a bookaholic.

I saw a funny cartoon online yesterday. It depicted a bleary-eyed woman emerging from her crumpled bed sheets captioned, ‘The morning after the book before’. Wow, did that resonate with me. 524 more words

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Rock and roll research takes me to Doncaster in Yorkshire and a chance to look around a place I’ve never thought of visiting before. 1,828 more words



As I mentioned in my previous post, I have just had a baby.

She is snuffly, limb-twitchy, peely-skinned: oh-so-new.  I am entranced. She has also reacquainted me with the hours between 10pm and 5am (and my toddler already has me well acquainted w ith 5am onwards.)  There’s only one thing to take you through those long night feeds, my friends – through those jiggly, bottom-patting hours of swaying and soothing.   528 more words

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On Horses

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My nephew got married at Ascot, top hat and in a fancy carriage with his newly wed wife. My ex had come from Wales, where everything is so green in the valley and everyone so alike, she went to the races with her brother, it’s a hobby that costs a fortune. 262 more words

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Culture: Chick Lit or Hit?

8 February 2013, Varsity Culture Section

The life and death of Sylvia Plath have always been cloaked in controversy. From her marriage to Ted Hughes, and her suicide at age 30, Plath has always been able to shock and stir the emotions of her public. 469 more words


Pot Pourri

The last few weeks I have been spent going around the country like Phileas Fogg, or Willy Fogg depending on which version you grew up with.  525 more words

Riders by Jilly Cooper 

I was looking for an author to fill the space that Jackie Collins had left, and I have to say I think I’ve done it. Jilly Coopers first novel Riders is fantastic, full of sex, hatred and a desire to win the reader is plunged into the world of show jumping. 106 more words

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