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Riders by Jilly Cooper

If you ever look for a good book, here is one.

I am not big reader or book consumer, maybe I read a book in month or two, sometimes more. 177 more words

Life Itself

February 2016: Discoveries

Sometime last month, I explored several lists available on Goodreads as I was looking for a chick lit book to read. Thanks to one of those lists, I discovered a new favourite author –  611 more words


Perfume, Books and Booze -The Imbibliotheque at Libreria, London

I think it was Robin writing on Now Smell This that said the one thing that all people with a passion for perfume have in common, is a love of books. 1,274 more words

Perfume Events

The Understudy

“I was walking with my husband on the high street and suddenly collapsed…”

I learned the lines – but, as the Simulated Patient reserve, didn’t get the opportunity to say them!

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It’s often said that there isn’t a great writer who wasn’t first a great reader.

The Books That Built Me is an idea borne of the belief that inside every book-lover is a memory-palace full of stories – tales of enchanted princesses and magical beasts, of smugglers, spies and buried treasure, stepmothers and boarding schools, something nasty in the woodshed, loves lost and found, vanquished enemies – perpetual summer holidays in other people’s imaginations. 696 more words

I Remember it Well - no chance

Your item will be delivered between 7am and 6pm, says the machine on the telephone. I have to stay at home all day waiting for the doorbell to ring. 243 more words


The pug life chose me.

In the Age of the Pug, where the flat-faced, pie-eyed snuffling mutts are plastered over thousands of pyjama sets and used to advertise everything from mobile phones to crisps, the sighting of a particularly cute example of the breed – as I am proud to regard my six-month-old Flora – sends passers-by into ecstasies of puppy love. 361 more words