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Abandoned. The Loss of Ourselves

What does abandoned mean? Immediately I think of desert islands, marooned sailors and objects of no further use left behind. The word ‘abandoned’ cries out as forsaken. 631 more words

Daily Prompt

Bride Jilted Over Ice Cream

a marriage in india was called off after the groom’s family complained the bride’s family had not provided enough ice-cream at the do

heated words, then blows were exchanged – both women and men throwing bricks and stones at the police when they arrived to break up the fracas 29 more words


Alphabet Series: Jilted

Day Ten: Jilted

“Jilted” typically isn’t a word you see outside a drugstore romance novel, but I think we’ve all been a jilted lover at one time or another. 275 more words

Confessions of A Lover

“I heard that you’re seeing your ex lover again?”

.. ” I am..”

“He doesn’t deserve to have you like that”

The wine circled the bottom of the glass as I peered into the pools of deepest red “I enjoy getting from him what I want, whilst I make him fall hopelessly into me as he lives with the  understanding that I will never truly want him, and so he settles to exist at the edge of my desire, that darling, is how I settle a score”

..L.A. Rayne


How I Turned My Ex's Side Chic To A Maid After Being Cheated On

So let’s do small gist before we wake up and face the day…

Years back when I was in Uni, I had this boyfriend. He was in Lagos while I was schooling in Edo so you could call it a long distance relationship. 798 more words


[ROCK] "Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts" - Brandon Flowers

Här kommer en av min absoluta favoritartister. Jag tycker han skriver helt magnifika melodier! Det är ingen mindre än Brandon Flowers. Låter namnet bekant? Kan mycket väl ha att göra med att han även är låtskrivare och frontfigur för Las Vegas-rockarna The Killers. 43 more words


2 Book Giveaway + $10 Starbucks Card

Facebook Giveaway

I cannot BELIEVE Jaded was released a year ago. (Times flies when you’re writing books) To celebrate the anniversary, I’m giving away copies of Jaded and Justified, as well as a $10 Starbucks gift card. 81 more words