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The Don't Make Me Waltz.

June 25, 2013

You can take her in a closet
You can dance her in the street;
You can fly her home to greet your mother… 168 more words

Original Poetry

The Loneliest Girl In The World

One day, I will look back at all of this and see the lessons for what they are. I won’t be filled with as much pain. 441 more words

April JiLTED deadline

….is 28 March.

Only one week left for April submissions.  Contact me for more information.  Be sure to read the magazine if you haven’t already. 70 more words


In the blink of an eye…

 I’ve got about ten minutes before my flatmate gets home. If she catches me using her computer again she’s going to “paint the walls me”, and as grotty as this little shit pit of a hovel is, if it’s going to get a makeover I’d really rather it wasn’t with my blood. 276 more words

Story of My Life

So much has changed, almost six months has gone since I walked away from a marriage, a life, a relationship that I gave every part of me to. 514 more words

How to lose a guy in one date

This is my forte. My speciaility, my mud hook, my métier. There are other places I would rather feel at home, but, we work with what we have and apparently God made me superior at being every man’s nightmare wrapped in a day dream. 565 more words



This Nigerian dude caught his girl with someone else in public and decided to do what no self-respecting guy with class should ever do… watch/ 27 more words