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Twitter Nigeria Set On Fire By Lady Who Claims She Was Jilted By Guy Who Toasted Her For 5 Years

Nigerians woke up this morning to the story Of Barrister Ada-Ada.

The Nigerian Lady’s story was a trend topic as she claimed to have woken up to see pictures from her boyfriend’s introduction ceremony to another woman! 65 more words


'He Didn't Really Love Me' - Shapeshifting 13

I thought he loved me. Last night we sat by the pond, talking of marriage and baby tadpoles. Today I find he’s already married. The bastard!


Flash Fiction

Everybody Talks

Ever had a snitch? Someone who sits in the stalls of your life; watching, waiting, observing and then feeding information to people who don’t even have a right to know whats going on. 364 more words

The flowers in the bin

A host of golden daffodils poked their head out of a black bin at the exit to the park. From a distance, they still seemed healthy, and as full of glee as Wordsworth’s. 688 more words


Nine Naughty Questions with... Rachael Johns, author of The Road to Hope

The Booktopia Book Guru asks

Rachael Johns

author of The Road to Hope and many more…

Nine Naughty Questions


1. I wonder, is a Romance writer born or made? 1,446 more words

Author Interview

The Fight

These tears, every tear that falls from my face tells its own story. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I’m going to tell you something. All of  my life I have been led to feel like I am a disappointment. 608 more words

Remember Me

One memory, one single memory starts an avalanche of feelings, emotions and doubts. One single memory is all it has taken today to unleash my own private hell in my mind. 851 more words