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Sympathy for the Devil’s Cut

I am admittedly not fully qualified to do tasting notes for anything let alone bourbon which has so much going on. Almost too much, however a good bourbon controls all of these flavours giving the drinker an intense full experience without overwhelming them. 237 more words



Type: Bourbon

Distillery: Jim Beam

Region: Kentucky, USA

Age: 6-8 years

ABV: 60.5 – 65.3%

Average Price: $65-90

Peat’s Thoughts: There is no question about it: Booker’s is hands down my favourite bourbon. 193 more words


Booker's Batch 2016-03 "Toogie's Invitation" Bourbon Review

One of my favorite things is getting a sample of a new batch of Booker’s. I’m what’s referred to online as a “Booker’s Fanboy.” It means I love Booker’s bourbon. 409 more words


Try adding some Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce

Jim Beam

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Take your BBQ game to the next level. Try adding some Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce for example… Plus, it buddies up with a Jim Beam Red Stag and ginger ale. Just sayin’.


Jim Beam Bottled In Bond With An Unholy Cocktail Diesel Cigar

When you have a cigar named “Unholy Cocktail” you really need to step up what you are drinking to make it a party.   Well for this week, we are breaking out some Jim Beam 100 proof Bottled In Bond whiskey for our review.      470 more words