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Supernatural's JIM BEAVER (Bobby Singer) will be LA Comic Con

Supernatural’s JIM BEAVER (Bobby Singer) will be joining us a ’67 Impala courtesy of the Bela Cosplay Group! Maybe if you’re lucky he will call you an Idjit! 11 more words


The First Trailer For 'THE FRONTIER'

Check out the very first trailer that Kino Lorber has released for Oren Shai’s upcoming film THE FRONTIER starring Jocelin Donahue, which can be seen down below! 113 more words


Comic Con 2016 Presents Supernatural Fan Night!


Alto Mumbai Comic Con is back in town this October. A Supernatural Fan Night is being organized by Comic Con India as a pre-organized event before the main event.   244 more words


Supernatural's Jim Beaver, Kim Rhodes Visit Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders/Supernatural lovefest continues, with the CBS drama’s casting of two more favorites from the long-running CW series. 231 more words

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@jumblejim Book Review: Life's That Way by Jim Beaver via @tdmiller820917

On May 10, 2005, I lost my mother to cancer. I went through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance. Eleven years later, I still find myself grieving and I still wrestle with at least two stages: anger and depression. 348 more words


My interview with 'Supernatural's Jim Beaver about the return of Rufus and Bobby 

I was lucky to grab a few minutes with ‘Supernatural’s Jim Beaver earlier this year to hear about the filming of season 11’s episode “Safe House”. 948 more words

@jumblejim Jim Beaver cast in @Netflix original series The Ranch via @tdmiller820917

When Leviathan leader Dick Roman shot and killed skilled hunter and Winchester surrogate father Bobby Singer, the boys weren’t the only ones who shed tears. Supernatural fans from all over the world mourned Bobby’s death. 118 more words

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