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Wow I’ve posted a lot but right now it’s 12:35am and I am re-watching Supernatural and I am wide-awake. I am conflicted because I want snacks and I don’t know if I want cheese-itz or goldfish or both or if I should get some pie the next time I go to the store and hide it from my family. 133 more words

What has happened to our ANGELS?

It shocked me to think that Zachariah was coming back to my favourite show, and one of my, if not my favourite angel. I remembered I was over the moon. 1,004 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

The Makes and Breaks of "Shut Eye"

Shut Eye, much like its protagonists, is a show that doesn’t exactly know what it wants to be. A two season series commissioned by Hulu starring Jeffrey Donovan, Shut Eye features a glimpse into the life of a fraudulent psychic, who ends up experiencing real visions. 3,329 more words

Be (in) the Present

I’ve had so much trouble writing this. I must have started it three or four times. Whenever November rolls around, there are more than enough graphics, journaling prompts, and memes asking us what we’re grateful and thankful for. 757 more words


#Metoo And The Power of Social Media

A tidal wave has taken over the Internet. This Tsunami of voices using two simple words within a hashtag has been so strong that is has permeated even the traditional media outlets and impacted our justice system here in Québec. 692 more words

Lynn and Kim do PittCon - Part 3, Jared and Jensen Sunday!

Sunday at Pittcon was J2 day, as always. It would have been J3 day, except Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn’t able to come. Though I guess it was still J3 day, since Jim Beaver filled in for him last minute. 3,774 more words


All Along The Watchtower – Supernatural’s Season 12 Finale

I was so exuberant over Supernatural’s penultimate episode of the season that I went into the finale episode already an emotional wreck – in the very best of ways. 3,361 more words