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Jim Cantore Does Pushups While Giving Snow Updates

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— John George (@John_George70) March 14, 2017

The Northeast is experiencing some inclement weather. Jim Cantore is on the scene for the “onslaught” and doing pushups while doing his remote hit (Update: at the request of the Dan Patrick Show).

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Weather Channel Hopeful Body Count Will Rise For Winter Storm Niko

ATLANTA – Anchors at the Weather Channel are warning that thousands could still die as the result of Winter Storm Niko which is currently pounding the northeast. 201 more words


The Great Hampton Roads Blizzard of 2017

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I live in southeastern Virginia and beginning last night we have been under a Blizzard warning. Blizzards are not uncommon here, but normally when one wants a Blizzard here they go to Dairy Queen, but this time Mother Nature has given us a real blizzard. 255 more words

Loose Thoughts And Musings

Basically, Election Night

​We got all excited about the chance of floofy flakes. Up to ten inches, they said.

We bought the prediction- then we bought all the bread, milk, and rock salt. 322 more words

Weather Channel Anchor Tells Viewers In Southeast To Update Their Wills

ATLANTA – (CT&P) – Early this afternoon Weather Channel anchor and crazed lunatic Jim Cantore advised viewers in the southeastern United States to be sure that their wills were updated before Winter Storm Helena hits this evening. 205 more words


Weather Channel Warns There's Still Time For Sky To Fall

ATLANTA – (CT&P) – During his 11 A.M. Hurricane Matthew update, Weather Channel anchor and resident village idiot Jim Cantore told viewers that although most of the Florida east coast had dodged a bullet, there was still ample time for the storm to swerve the west and completely destroy the Sunshine State. 226 more words