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How Much Formal Education Do Americans Get, at economicpolicyjournal.com.

It seems that as formal education (brain washing) has increased over the last 70 years, individual liberty has decreased. 202 more words


pale imitation

// as a huge fan of the original it saddens me that this is so inferior.

In this excerpt from Opposites Subtract entitled Festival De Cannes, Jennifer has begun her path as an international journalist and has been assigned to cover the Cannes Film Festival in 1993 when some poetic justice ensues at her boss's arch nemesis, Keiko's, expense.

Jennifer sat at the table at the Palm D’or in Cannes musing to herself that, here, the French idea of crudités was more like a cornucopia of whole vegetables, none of which could be eaten with any kind of manners. 808 more words


Bruce Almighty

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a television field reporter for Eyewitness News at WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York, but desires to be the news anchorman. 1,539 more words

Movie Reviews


I knew I did too much. I knew I would do too much before I began doing it. I knew there was a good chance my knee would hurt when I done. 793 more words

5 Movie Quotes You Can Use At Work (That Will Totally Get You Fired)

I’m a big movie buff. As a side effect, I sometimes find myself quoting movies randomly throughout my day. Some are appropriate and get huge laughs. 560 more words

Everyone Is Talking About Jim Carrey's Speech. In Just 1 Minute, He Absolutely NAILS Life.

In an emotional commencement address at Maharishi University in Iowa last month, comedy actor Jim Carrey dropped his usually goofy persona to give some solid, real-world advice to college graduates. 17 more words

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