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Memphis City Council unanimously votes to dig up Confederate general, wife

This is from The Examiner.

The Mayor and city council of Memphis are a bunch of ghouls.

General Forrest was a DemocRat and oppressed blacks like DemocRats have done for centuries. 544 more words

Claudette Colvin


Around 1828, Thomas “Daddy” Rice developed a routine in which he blacked his face, dressed in old clothes, and sang and danced in imitation of an old and decrepit black man. 1,385 more words


Monday Open Thread | White supremacist: Charleston ‘a preview of coming attractions’

Dylann Roof refers to Harold Covington’s white separatist group, the Northwest Front, in his alleged manifesto. The rightwing sci-fi writer distances himself from the shooting, but his followers speculate if his work influenced Roof’s actions… 303 more words

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In Three Minutes Mark Steyn Clears Up Any Questions About Which Party Owns the Confederate Flag

This is from the Independent Journal Review.

The DemocRats are historically tied to slavery and racism.

Nathan Bedofrd Forrest a lifelong DemocRat was the founder and first… 542 more words

Stars and barred: For Southern rockers and country singers, the Confederate flag is an uncomfortable heritage

Lee Bains III was 12 when he went with his dad to his very first rock show outside of Birmingham, Ala.

Like a lot of kids from Alabama, the lead singer of Birmingham-based rock band… 1,455 more words


reflections on "the new jim crow"

The first day of summer break, I finally pulled a book off my shelf called The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander. I’d been hungry to read it for months, after seeing it referenced in an article about the jury’s decision to not indict the officer who put… 3,631 more words


"A Voter-Fraud Witch Hunt In Kansas": Voters Could Be Charged With A Felony For Mistakenly Showing Up At The Wrong Polling Place

In fall 2010, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach held a press conference alleging that dead people were voting in the state. He singled out Alfred K. 707 more words

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