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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

The year is 1947.

Cartoon-maker, R.K. Maroon, hires cartoon-hater, Eddie Valiant, to help cartoon-rabbit, Roger Rabbit, focus more on cartoon-acting, his craft, by way of finding out if his cartoon-wife, Jessica Rabbit, is cheating on him with cartoon-weapons-manufacturer, Marvin Acme. 212 more words


Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

The year is 1914.

Milo Thatch is a young man obsessed with his late grandfather’s mission: to find the lost city of Atlantis. After a failed pitch to his employer to fund an expedition to locate the city, a wealthy friend of his grandfather’s invites Milo to aid his pre-assembled team, of unknown motives, to find it. 347 more words


Pocahontas (1995)

The year is 1607.

John Smith is a grown Englishman looking for riches in the New World. Pocahontas is a 12 year-old Algonquin girl who does not want to commit to her arranged marriage with the decorated warrior and fellow tribesman Kocoum. 321 more words


Antz (1998)

Neurotic worker ant, Z-4195, meets a princess ant at an ant bar and decides the best way to get her attention is to masquerade as a soldier ant during a royal inspection. 397 more words


Fun Fact of the Day

Fun Fact of the Day: Jim Cummings is the voice of Winnie the Pooh. He calls sick kids in hospitals and chats with them in character.

We haven’t learned a whole lot about Zeb, thus far. It’s not that he’s an intergalactic man of mystery, it’s that he doesn’t like to dwell on his past. 230 more words


Star Wars Rebels S3E8: The Wynkahthu Job

We get another respite episode of Rebels this week with “The Wynkahthu Job,” a silly heist episode that brings back Hondo. The episode’s plot will annoy some and delight others, but suffice it to say there’s no progress in either the Maul or Thrawn storylines running through the season.  515 more words

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