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Lead Codices Update

Jim Davila notes on his blog that The Economist is reporting the formation in London of a Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books. 61 more words

Enoch/Dee debate (round-up)

Dan Harms’ review of my book led to a nice and I think quite enlightening discussion on the place of Enoch in Dee’s angel conversations, and some related questions. 269 more words

Books And Journals

The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Fort Worth

I have no plans to go to Texas this year, and more’s the pity, because there appears to be an above-average Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  The part of the exhibition that impresses me is the line up for the accompanying… 104 more words

Dead Sea Scrolls

happy pi day (3.14) to all fellow nerds

enjoy this!

and remember, it’s always in the numbers, even when you think it’s not. happy pi day.

HT: Jim Davila


Bible and Interpretation's Special Section

Jim West highlights a new section at Bible and Interpretation called Scholars, Frauds, the Media and the Public. There are four articles up so far, including Cargill’s recent… 37 more words

Digging to Continue at Tzipori Tomb

Via Jim Davila. An agreement was reached between a landowner and the Tiberias Magistrate’s Court that will allow digging to commence next month on a tomb which has an inscription bearing the name of the famous 3rd century Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi. 69 more words