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NBC Developing Action Adventure Drama 'Treasure' From 'Grimm' Creative Team

As Grimm is heading into its sixth and final season, the series’ co-creators/executive producers/showrunners Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt have teamed with Grimm executive producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner of Hazy Mills for another drama project at NBC and Universal TV, the network and studio behind the supernatural cop drama starring David Giuntoli. 143 more words

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Preview: Grimm Omnibus

Grimm Omnibus

writers: Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Jai Nitz
artists: Jose Malaga, Rod Rodolfo, Daniel Govar
cover: Photo
FC • 496 pages • $39.99 • Teen+ 206 more words


Film, In Review: Money Monster

It boils hot beneath cracked skin, soaking the mind with thoughts of rabid delusions and distorted fantasies. Sanity appears in bouts, transforming lunacy into incentive and then it hits, hard and fast like an alkaline brick… 596 more words


Money Monster

2016 has been a good year for pulse-pounding thrillers, and “Money Monster” is the latest example. While not as intense as “10 Cloverfield Lane… 998 more words

Money Monster: Review

Directed by Jodie Foster, Money Monster is a thriller for our times; one that is edge-of-your-seat tense and slyly satirical in equal measures. Most importantly, perhaps, is the film’s central conflict which, rather refreshingly, swaps bearded terrorists from foreign countries with a threat that’s far closer to home than you might imagine: corrupt businessmen. 459 more words


Money Monster - Movie Review

It’s hardly a revelation that some of the rich tycoons who run Wall Street are crooked and yet it seems like every few months we’re given a film that examines the greed inherent in the American economic system. 458 more words

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 Greetings again from the darkness. Adam McKay and Michael Lewis sought to educate us on the corruption and deceit within the marrow of the financial world in… 439 more words