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Luke Warm NFL Predictions

First of all, how pathetic I am in not only going (0-6), vs the great Alabama team ,but in not seeing Penn State outright vs Wisconsin, which was lucky to win the Big Ten title tilt vs Iowa last season. 186 more words

Was 2 for 2, Should Have Been 5 for 5 in my NFL Predictions

It is my “fault” for not posting two “winners” in time. Additionally two more were not posted at all.

The so called “system” games (“What is this “system” “Little Emanuel,” played brilliantly by Rafael  Campos, asked on the great show, “All in the Family”) where one “takes” a previous week’s “loser” in the game and vs the point spread, as an underdog vs an opponent that won the previous week both in the game and vs the spread and is the favorite, clicked in all 4 cases, none specifically cited by me, on time. 326 more words

6 of 6 Lament

There were four other games yesterday in which the teams scheduled to play this Thursday won and covered the spread.

Surprisingly and due to Nantz getting a normally Fox/Buck Seattle/Philly tilt, “The Emperor”Joe Buck and the officially annoying Troy Aikman (the former quarterback went on and on about a penalty on a defensive linemen late in the tilt. 125 more words

NFL Predictions And My Thoughts Regarding The All Powerful Jim Nantz

Three predictions, the first two, taking the loser/loser/underdog vs the winner/winner/favorite which as with just about everything in my life and now many others is not working out very well. 136 more words

NFL 1966 And Now

Yesterday as “Pooh” presided and Phil Simms’ statement “you know every play will be a pass” was followed by an Aaron Rogers run, the Colts with “pooh”/Jim Nantz rooting hard, upset the Green Bay Packers at “G.B” 210 more words

What are the chances Jim Nantz heated up his own mic?

Jim Nantz was unknowingly recorded on camera during the National Anthem for the Bengals/Dolphins Thursday Night Football game a few weeks ago, basically saying that players will only kneel for the anthem when they have cameras on them… 249 more words


Wright's summer of fun includes White House, ESPYs, Spain

VILLANOVA, Pa. (AP) — Bang.

Jay Wright calmly mouthed one word when Kris Jenkins hit the 3-pointer at the buzzer that won Villanova a national championship. 1,085 more words

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