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Neal Pollard

Economist Jim O’Neill had readied a report about drug-resistant infections, “bacteria and other microbes that have become impervious to antibiotics” (The Atlantic, Ed Yong, 5/19/16). 325 more words

Follow the Cuban Model

In the posting last week I suggested that resistance to antibiotics should be added to the threats facing humanity. This has been confirmed by the… 489 more words


BRICS: Briefly Related in Context, Status

If you do an Internet search for the BRICS, you’ll learn about Jim O’Neill, the man who coined the convenient name in 2001, linking Brazil, Russia, India, China (and later South Africa, and then other emerging markets) together as well as (loosely) with Goldman Sachs. 514 more words


Major League O'Neill Brothers Had Roots in Ireland

In the early 1900s there were four brothers from the O’Neill family that appeared in the major leagues.  Except for the Delahanty family with five brothers, the O’Neills had the most siblings to play in the big leagues.  66 more words

The BRICs era is over, even at Goldman Sachs

The handy acronym BRIC made its debut in a 2001 report by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill, when the four nations it referred to made up just 8% of the world’s total economy. 580 more words

Acronyms of fact and fiction

Keith Hudson

This morning, one learns of a very significant piece of information that unites two well-known acronyms — HSBC and BRICS.  One acronym is a fact and the other is a fiction.  749 more words

How to ease the North of England's increasing pauperization

Keith Hudson

I get the distinct impression that George Osborne, the Chancellor, is coming out of his shell — and explosively, too.  Instead of sitting quietly in his Treasury office, as he has been doing for . 1,180 more words