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My thoughts on Russia, China, Socilaism, Capitalism and the West 

Karl Marx said, “Religion is the opium of the people.”

*”As a way of escaping the harsh reality of their times, Marx said people went to church to hear that their suffering was worth it, even storing up for them an eternal reward, and how one day they would enter a paradise of perpetual happiness and the absence of all hardship. 447 more words

Owls edge University of New Haven

Matt GadSports Writer

A 6-4 win over the University of New Haven earned Southern a season win. They will visit their rivals once again at their home. 512 more words


Lamberti has high hopes for 2017 baseball season

Matt GadSports Writer

Nick Lamberti, who is beginning his second year at Southern, is actually a senior. The East Haven native transferred from UConn two years ago, and since he went to a lower division he was able to play right away. 463 more words


Daily Riches: Desperation, Loneliness and Fear (Nas, Macrina Wiederkehr and Jim Palmer)

“Life …

I wonder,
Will it take me under?
I don’t know.”
Naz – “If I ruled the world.”

“My loneliness attracts me to the feet of Jesus. 365 more words

Embracing Losses And Limits

An Open Letter to Jon Heyman

Dear John,

I know you get a lot of flak from baseball stat heads. They’re sometimes right, but often mean. Yet, you’ve found it in your heart/soul/brain to adapt. 622 more words

Roger Clemens

A Spiritual Questionnaire: A Guide for Being Spiritually Somewhere

Do you ever look at yourself as a person and think, “Oh my god, I’m not the same person I used to be X years ago… but I’m still totally the same person, just with better articulated versions of the questions I used to have…and maybe a few more answers…”? 1,343 more words


Notes On The Orioles And The 1966 World Series

Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles won (1-0) in Boston to move within one game of the host Red Sox in the A.L. East. The O’s (pun intended), are ahead for playoff/tournament qualification at the moment. 117 more words