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Community (Season 2) (2010-11)

Just as excellent and rewatchable as the first season, Dan Harmon’s unique sitcom demonstrates a remarkably keen understanding of its characters and, simultaneously, its own audience. 70 more words

Community (Season 1) (2009-10)

Incredibly well-written and acted from the very first episode, Dan Harmon’s unique and challenging sitcom was unlike anything that’s ever come before – even in the era of peak television. 85 more words

The Way, Way Back (2013, dir. Nat Faxon & Jim Rash)

A gawky 14-year-old gets a summer job at a water park to escape his dysfunctional family. A charming offbeat comedy-drama very much of two parts: a crumbling new family unit, and the escapism of the park. Highly recommended.

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Gallagher Says - The Way, Way Back

The Way, Way Back is a movie I was reading about since its release. I heard good things about it, and I thought the premise sounded like something I’d like. 580 more words

10 Actors/Actresses You Won't Believe Were Nominated For An Oscar

As part of my continuing list-coverage off the upcoming Oscars, I thought I’d go with the 10 people that I was like… holy shit. They were nominated for an Oscar? 802 more words