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Ultimax 100 Light Machine Gun

In the late 1970s James Sullivan, one of ArmaLite’s former chief designers and one of the men responsible for the M16, began developing a new light machine gun for a company in Singapore. 561 more words


Joint IRA and British Army barricades, Belfast, 1969

For a period of time in September 1969, barricades in many Belfast districts were effectively guarded jointly by the British Army and IRA, under the guise of the local Citizen’s Defence Committees (CDC). 1,478 more words

Was Jim Sullivan Abducted by Aliens? The Case of Vanishing Musician.

Things I like, rock and roll and mysteries. So I am kind of shocked that I just recently found out about the disappearance of Jim ‘Sully” Sullivan back in 1975. 843 more words