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Reading the Originals vs Reading through a Translation

A friend of mine, Dr. Mark L. Ward, Jr, recently drew my attention to a blog post by Doug Wilson in which Doug stated:

We are accustomed to say things like “something got lost in the translation,” which it frequently does.

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DDT Polio versus toxicology

DDT/Polio: Virology versus Toxicology With Jim West


Jim West lives in New York City, where, since 1995, he has been involved as a researcher, writer, and speaker, critical of the politics of medical science. 

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The satsumas of Christmas - biblical studies carnivals

For me the best thing about Christmas has always been the little satsuma orange that is found at the bottom of the Christmas stocking (or, in the ostentatious days of my youth, the pillowcase). 700 more words

Biblical Studies Carnival

A conjunction of carnivals

In astronomy a ‘conjunction’ is an event in which, when viewed from the earth, two (or more) celestial objects align and, as a result, appear to meet. 331 more words

Biblical Studies Carnival

Autumnal Carnivals

‘Biblical studies isn’t boring and if it is, then someone you know is doing it wrong.’ With these wise words from the unconscionably sagacious Jim… 527 more words
Biblical Studies Carnival

A harvest of carnivals

Soft dawn light garlanded with mist and crimson Virginia creeper on warm Cotswold stone means that time has come for the September Biblical Studies Carnivals. 430 more words

Biblical Studies Carnival