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I saw Jimi last night on a festival stage
And gazed amazedly at how gracefully he’d aged
I mean he looked the same as he did on Purple Haze… 261 more words



A portrait of Jimi Hendrix, my all-time favourite guitarist. Painted with oils on canvas – sold.


Giant Cockroach Thingy 09/04/12

The dream started in the sub levels of area 51. I had got the lift up to the ground floor with some civilians, and at the time I thought I was a civilian. 360 more words

Olivia Wilde and a Mummy 06/01/12

The dream starts off on the road to my old school, I am walking down it alone and I see Olivia Wilde. We talk although I don’t know what we say to each other, it’s just a scene of me talking to her. 363 more words


Pelik sungguh bila selera pusing balik ke zaman hingusan. Survey nak buku cerita apa dan terus pilih KOMIK.

Ok. Sebelum ni pernah terjebak dengan komik sampai penuh rak buku kecik. 285 more words

Buku Review

SLC: Week 25

Purple Haze all in my brain,
lately things don’t seem the same,
actin’ funny but I don’t know why
‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.

12 more words
Song Lyric Challenge

Machine Gun

Hendrix‘s style: Big Loud Undisciplined Dirty Reckless Backwards & Dangerous. His status as a legendary artist comes from his imperfections(IMO) in the way he played & lived..only four years in the limelight but enough time to change rock and blues in way most spend their entire career doing.Addressing social issues. 313 more words