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Jimi & Black Betty

This photo of Jimi Hendrix with his favorite guitar ‘Black Betty’ was taken on September 17th, 1970, by his girlfriend Monika Danneman in the garden behind her apartment…

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At Timeline on Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland at 50

One of the reasons I love writing about music is that it forces me to live inside the music for a while and allow the music to live inside of me.  87 more words

Many Souls Set Free!

Recently, here in the subtle earth realms there was a releasing of many trapped human (and some non-human) souls.  So many souls set free!

This release happened for the dragons recently, and you can… 357 more words


Original A Film About Jimi Hendrix International Press Photo Janis Joplin

Original A Film About Jimi Hendrix International Press Photo Janis Joplin
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#15 - Jimi Hendrix, Red House

#15 – Jimi Hendrix, Red House

When did you last get angry? Like, raging. Breath held, sucking your sternum into your lungs until your collarbones snap. 844 more words


Refretting Jimi, Conclusion

I’ll be the first to admit, I have the fine motor skills of a prehistoric alligator.

I was never good with my hands, even if they were the size of a girl’s. 620 more words


Oil, 9″x12″

Here I display my creative efforts using a creative pioneer as the model. This need to create is what drives me to do my work. 18 more words