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Jimmy Carr on Sex Symbols

I’ve been described as a sex symbol.

And that symbol is a question mark. Followed by a no.

~ Jimmy Carr

“I’ve been described as a sex symbol.

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A Comedian to Watch: Jimmy Carr

Now, this blog post will not be news for my international readers. While he’s been a mainstay in the UK comedy scene for years, (most sources point to 2000), but has yet to gain a popular following in the United States. 599 more words

3 Must Reads for Comedy Nerds

Comedy Nerd ˈ/kämədē nərd/ (noun): A human who has immersed oneself in intelligent comedy via netflix originals, youtube, podcasts, books, and even stand-up irl.

If you, like myself, fit this definition, or if you’re just looking for a jump off point into smart comedy, here are five books by a few of my favorite comedians that will surely satisfy your desire for ah-has and ha-has. 390 more words


people sketches - exclusive preview for Dennis!

Skizzen, die bisher noch keiner gesehen hat.

…of sketches that up to now had not yet seen the light of day… 103 more words

Portrait Sketches

The 5 Greatest heckling put downs of all time or: How I learned to stop worrying (about heckling) and Love the fallout

We’ve all been to a show where some idiot in the crowd decides to get involved for their amusement and their amusement only. Dealing with hecklers is a fine art that can take years to master and we’ve gathered together a few of our favourite examples. 507 more words


QI Watchdown: H4 (Humans)

Onto another QI, featuring four very dry people, that hopefully will work well off each other. Jo and Jimmy are making their first appearances this season, and Jack Dee is returning after batting down Phill and Ross a few episode ago. 883 more words

QI Watchdown

Standing Up For Comedy


Tolerance. Freedom of speech. Hedonism. Three fundamental pillars to our way of life and civilization. Where these three uniquely meet, work together and blossom best is perhaps surprising: comedy. 1,203 more words