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Do You See What I See?

Good evening…

(Well, it may not be evening when you read this, but you know how Hitchcock always said it on his TV show)

Anyone who’s familiar with the apartment life dynamic knows what happens when lots of people are literally living on top of each other:  1,221 more words


Iowa's Beef Breed

In previous blogs, we have talked some about the differences in breeds of cattle. Over time, cattle were bred for different traits in different parts of the world, which resulted in many of the breeds we know today. 808 more words

Considering the Moon

What is it about the Moon that captures the fancy of humankind? A silvery disk hanging in the night sky, it conjures up images of romance and magic. 814 more words


Rear Window (1954)

Alfred Hitchcock’s claustrophobic thriller is a gripping murder mystery that best demonstrates the director’s command of cinema. The film’s deceptively simple concept reveals universal human behaviour and is a truthful reflection of our voyeuristic habits. 1,520 more words

Sermon - 30 July 2017 - Nothing Can Separate Us!

After an emotionally and physically exhausting week, we arrived back home on Saturday night at 11 pm. Sadly, wifi was not an option at the Memphis Airport and so I wasn’t able to blog. 124 more words


The Problem of Perspective

I recently watched The Wind Rises, Hayao Miyazaki’s final film (at least until he comes out of retirement again). It isn’t his best work for a number of reasons, but the problem that most interested me wasn’t in the film; it was in myself. 833 more words

Film Analysis

American Icon

This was 22 years ago. We were sitting around an upscale living room in  Plano, Texas. The local school district was suffering under a board member who wanted to include the creationist book… 2,705 more words