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The Quick and the Dead

Title: The Quick and the Dead

Author: Louis Lamour

Genre: Western

The phrase “the quick and the dead” is an old one.  Ancient.  Biblical.  It even inspires a line in the Apostle’s Creed, made easy to memorize by an popular Rich Mullins song: 526 more words


3 things about Anthony Mann's BEND OF THE RIVER

Bend of the River

1. “You’re very handsome, in an elderly sort of way.”
2. A series of escalating prices written across the side of the barrel. 6 more words

Jonathan Daly

Deanna Lund and Jonathan Daly in Out of Sight (1966)

Jonathan Daly (born circa 1933): American comedian, actor and playwright, began his career on Australian television in the 1960s. 994 more words

Out Of Sight

[1940] The Philadelphia Story

This powerhouse film dramatizes relationship-building to cathartic effect. Over the course of seemingly less than a week, we exhibit the full cycle of most of  670 more words

First Take

The LOOK...

I’m here to talk about the look.

You know, the one that every man gives his girl before a special shared moment. In today’s Hollywood its that look he gives her just before he kisses her. 232 more words

Words and Passions

I have always believed that words mean something; they shouldn’t be used as empty rhetoric. Nor should they be used for the sake of publicity. To use words in this manner causes the words to lose their power. 813 more words


Wendy Rene - After Laughter (1964)


Wendy Rene was born Mary Frierson in Memphis, the home of Stax Records. Otis Redding came up with the name when she signed for the label as a teenager in 1963. 52 more words