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Once Upon a Time in Shanghai: A Real Kick---Movie

The opening scene in “Once Upon a Time in Shanghai” lands with a hard punch and never looks back. Grabbing your attention from the get-go, the film deliberately kicks its martial arts old-style and that approach works amazingly and entertainingly well. 543 more words


Tricky Brains (1991)

Its been a really long week and frankly its gotten me a bit down.  I always go to my Stephen Chow movie collection because it just makes me topple over with laughter.   578 more words


You Say Clocken! We Say Flap! - Part 3

2011.12.11 (Sun) – Day 2

這天大概三點左右到達,剛好看到在Harbour Flap Stage表演的本地indie folk pop組合Noughts and Exes。去年曾在French May看過他們的演出,這次再看他們感覺其表現更淡定,喜歡他們加入不同樂器如小提琴﹑大提琴等,豐富作品的層次,喜歡清新民謠的不妨聽聽〈The Crime〉和〈Surrounded〉。特別喜歡他們玩的〈Lovely Day〉,優美的合聲配以循序漸進的編曲,感受到歌曲的張力,實在不錯。

Laura Palmer… 206 more words


多功能 Andrew Bird

都說這些中小型音樂會是古惑的show – 準時到場那次就遲遲未開show,遲少少到那次就sharp kick off。(最離譜是看Handsome Furs那次,到場已經玩緊尾二首歌。) 這次比 door open時間遲了半小時到,現場已經迫爆,opening act 黃靖 開始玩最後一首歌《You’re in Everything I Do》。主角 Andrew Bird 一如江湖傳聞在台上表現他「多功能」的一面 – 一對手 (打拍子)、一把歌聲(包吹口哨)、一支結他、一把小提琴和一台鋼片琴加唔知幾多個loop station (睇唔到),一個人從容搞掂晒。之前跟朋友形容他為「tune down版的Rufus Wainwright」,現場聽他唱歌更覺得他們聲線很似,不過Bird的音樂就樸實很多。有趣的是之前兩次看黃靖表演他都和自己的loop station搏鬥中,還未玩得熟練,看著他雀躍地站在台邊,一邊看Andrew Bird一邊笑著搖頭,好像在說:「嘩,痴線架佢!」我都有同感,一人分飾多角,好精神分裂。題外話,又覺得自己真是老了。睇睇吓覺得好焗想嘔,要出去抖氣。lol

Sight And Sound

day dreaming days in a daydream nation

No, this has nothing to do with sonic youth. It has to do with me, lamenting my youth. This has taken shape in my ceaseless accrual of little girl clothing in adult sizes (and my obsession with Blythe. 185 more words

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Daydream Nation

“If there’s a characteristic that defines the artistic activity of our times, it’s cultural promiscuity: artists make films, film-makers write music, musicians design clothes, fashion designers create art… and so it goes in a spiral of ceaseless creative experimentation.” … 352 more words

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