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Secret Lab Jingle

Please enjoy #BetterWithSound pic.twitter.com/i0OvbBg86W

— Secret Lab (@thesecretlab) June 22, 2015

Art by Rex Smeal. Jingle by Horrible Jingles.

Secret Lab

Top School to End Dissection Class After Students Make Dead Cats 'Dance' in Video

An Oklahoma school has found itself in hot water after a video surfaced online featuring several of its students performing a choreographed “dance” with dead cats to a popular jingle. 154 more words

FamilyMart's iconic door jingle doesn't belong to FamilyMart?! You can use it in your homes too!

We absolutely love Japan’s convenience stores, and even amongst the tough competition, the various brands have managed to create their own identity and each have their own strengths and specialities. 381 more words


Phillips Phunny: Commercial Jingle Counterpoint

A guy combines 25 famous jingles into one song and plays the piano with the actual products.

Some guy took 25 famous jingles for products like Old Spice and Folgers coffee, and combined them all into one song. 42 more words



Long ago, back in my college years, a few of us were presented with an interesting opportunity. The few were myself, Clint, Sarah, and Cassie. All of us sang together in a couple different groups in those days. 562 more words