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#Jingle 4: Water Sings Blue (Save Water)

                   Water Sings Blue

Save water

because every drop counts,

Water is a nature’s wealth

but it will be debited from your life account.

Water sings blue, 73 more words


#Jingle 3: Collar T-SHIRT.

  • Collar T-SHIRT.

Want to go for a date?

And you are getting frustrate!

I know you are getting mental

But you can be a gentle… 32 more words


#Jingle 2- ScrapNerds

  •   ScrapNerds

Tired of Trash,

Now fired it with cash

Youngman or Old man

Don’t give a damn.

Log on to this site,

Sit beside your lappy… 35 more words


#Jingle 1- Planet SuperHero

  • Planet Superhero.com

If you are scared &

Don’t know how to react,

Within a span,

Be a Batman, Superman or Ironman.

Boast your confidence,

In bad circumstance. 12 more words



As part of the show, Margerida spent an hour making a small introductory jingle. It is a relatively simple one, with bed music in the background (the cost of that being covered by the blanket payment of the BBC) and the words “Small talk, big issues” 32 more words

Kaymu.pk; First E-commerce Site to Launch Its Jingle

googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-1456346006194-5’); );

The ecommerce industry in Pakistan is on a constant rise. An increasing number of Pakistanis are having access to internet, making them potential candidates for online transactions. 14 more words