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Celebrating Spring

This morning was really special, and not just because it is the first day of Spring.  Our Betsy did not spend most of the night with her babies, they actually were camped in two different greenhouses, but when we fed the mamas their morning grain, Betsy ate her whole portion, like a champ!   264 more words


Bad music in commercials makes my head hurt

At the moment, there are a couple of commercials with bad jingles that are making my head hurt. I wish I could forget them but every time I hear them it makes me think how easy it would be to fix them! 124 more words

Updates And Points Of View

Why We Should Try.

I know you’re scared, and trust me I am too.

So here are some reasons why we should give it a goo.

Relationships are hard and new things can be frightening. 117 more words


Tips on how to create a catchy jingle - ident for TV or Radio Or Commercial

A jingle must be catchy, a simple tune and most of all memorable.

  1. Attract audience instead of convince audience
  2. 30 second long max
  3. Major pentatonic key…
  4. 113 more words


We don’t have much here at Crappier But Cheaper blog. What we do have is a jingle.

Here it goes:

Crappier but cheaper

That’s what gets things done… 11 more words