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Tips on how to create a catchy jingle - ident for TV or Radio Or Commercial

A jingle must be catchy, a simple tune and most of all memorable.

  1. Attract audience instead of convince audience
  2. 30 second long max
  3. Major pentatonic key…
  4. 113 more words


We don’t have much here at Crappier But Cheaper blog. What we do have is a jingle.

Here it goes:

Crappier but cheaper

That’s what gets things done… 11 more words


Jessie J - Jingle Bells @theycallmecamper on piano @cherrivoncelle on...

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Trick or Treat [JINGLE] (2014)

Trick or Treat (2014)

Browsing through my files whilst working; I bumped into this old experimental piece that I produced in 2014. Very short. Not of much use for anything, really. 27 more words


Donkey dilemma

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, whichever you celebrate.  We had a very laid back beginning to Hanukkah, and a lazy Christmas day with the kids and grandson. 607 more words



Everyone’s enjoying ,

laughing so hard.

After all it is christmas,

But mine is barred.
Not because someone told me to,

But it just doesn’t feel right. 70 more words