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Loving my earrings

When it comes to getting dolled up for a Mendhi, you need jewellery that stands out too. I bought these beauties from Green Street at a market, they cost me £3 and they are lovely. 21 more words

Be Happy, Give Beer

When visiting Black Bridge I inevitably espy the Beer It Forward board. It’s there to propagate the sharing of beer and good will; to engender word of mouth advertising which will motivate visitations to Kingman’s nanobrewery; to build community. 607 more words


New Nationwide spot.

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The Next Humane Society Jingle

It’s the summer time

And it isn’t snowing.

The house needs cleaning,

The grass meeds mowing.

There’s no place to park

And the clouds have gone gray… 12 more words


#doyouFILA - 'Campaign Soundtrack'

I was brought into the project a bit last minute to add some flavour to an already very hip campaign. The video was already cut, a generic club track without any lyrics or melodic content. 116 more words


Wheat Tell

Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell

Store Ease Wheat Tell Tha,

Store eice weed hell

We Tell the Stories, and when we tell these stories, 24 more words

I Declare Boxtopolis Open Forever!

As packing comes to its inevitable conclusion I am leaning towards the radical thought of not unpacking anything. Nothing. Everything stays in the boxes. Why would I be leaning towards this type of radicalism? 502 more words

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