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Because Indians love to overreact! New victim - Coldplay

It’s not racist when you show a brown person as a brown person, it’s racist, when the brown person wants to be portrayed as a white person. 593 more words

how pure have you been?

i see many people. their skin is the colour of the granite stones. their skin is as brown as the humus after a rain. their skin is golden. 337 more words


A Job far away from completion

On December 27th 2015, the Iraqi forces tasted triumph when they recaptured the town of Ramadi from the clutches of the Islamic state(IS). Islamic state (IS) was Islamic state of Iraq and greater Syria(ISIS) at inception. 932 more words


Constructing the boundaries

Back in 20th century; when extensive excavations first begun & evidences of two large settlements were found, Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro (later Rupar & Lothal) 351 more words

On Society

Europe's response to terrorism: British parliament votes to begin attacks in Syria

The British House of Commons backed Prime Minister David Cameron’s motion to extend Britain’s air-strikes to Syria, in a vote that is reflecting the response of many of Europe’s leaders to IS’ attack on Paris on 13th November and the rising threat of the jihadist group to the west. 1,745 more words


तेरा मुझसे इश्क़ करने का कोई वादा न था


I started writing a lot of things in the fall of 2011. However the excitement of my first job meant that a lot of it was never completed in time. 477 more words