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Live in Infamy

Mother in the Midwest just turned twenty-one
Uncle in the Philippines knew war had begun
Dad was just a youngster in 1941
Not quite yet a teenager when attacked The Rising Sun… 88 more words


Three More From “A Jingo Holiday” Series

“Jingoes #2 and #3 Toast the Holiday With Cold Russian Vodka, While Jingo Shovels the Walk for Santa” 2016. Acrylic on paper, 21 x 15″ 43 more words

Two From “A Jingo Holiday” Series

“Jingoes Prepare Christmas Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding” 2016. Acrylic on paper, 13 x 19″

“Jingo Checks To See if He Covered the Christmas Pompe” 2016. Acrylic on paper, 14 x 21″

#ColdplayInIndia: A Head Full of Controversies 

Look at your fingers. You know exactly what I meant by the word “fingers” even though I did not personally go to you and gesticulate at the area near your palm. 899 more words

Social Commentary

Trump Surprise?

Since Donald Trump began his ascendancy toward the throne of American Empire last week I have been increasingly  puzzled by the level of astonishment I have noted from a wide spectrum of people.  1,571 more words


Back Away Slowly

Do you know how many Trump supporters gave me grief over my opinion that the rhetoric will not match the candidate if he were to win the big enchilada? 1,077 more words


The Old Lie: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori.

Reading through Britain’s answer to Der Stürmer today, I stumbled across an article which I think perfectly captures the psyche of today’s far-right: ‘How the Somme’s boy soldiers shame today’s ‘child’ migrants’ 694 more words