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Profits of Doom

Good news, “She is Risen”. Whoever thought up this headline brightened my Good Friday. I’m really pleased Yulia Skripal is recovering from her food poisoning, or whatever it was she succumbed to, and I hope her dad is also out of danger soon. 437 more words

World History

Review: Jingo

Jingo (by Terry Pratchett) = 4/5

Set on Pratchett’s Discworld, Jingo follows the inter-cultural tensions that arise when a fabled island, Leshp, rises out of the sea and is immediately claimed by rival fishermen and their sons in the names of Ankh-Morpork and Klatch. 257 more words


"MOM!!! He flew his plane too close to mine!" World's Militaries & Media Ran By Children

About once a week the military and their alarmist lapdogs in mainstream media report that somebody got their killing machine too close to somebody else’s killing machine and so THE END IS NIGH MOTHERFUCKERS! 731 more words


Why I hate Australia (and why it's not even a place)!

Most people think of Australia as a place. But I don’t.

You know. “Where are you from?” Australia. But Australia is not a place, it’s simply an idea. 987 more words