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The Ignorance and Jingoism of Oklahoma’s War Against APUSH

By: Nicky Barone

On February 16th, 2015, Oklahoma’s legislative committee on education passed a bill banning the teaching of Advanced Placement United States History (designed by College Board) in public schools on the grounds that it focuses too heavily on the negative aspects of the nation’s history. 1,079 more words


Department of Homeland Skepticism

Almost any reference to the U.S. as the “homeland” makes me cringe. It has such a jingoistic ring to my ear that I am immediately suspicious of the speaker’s motives: “Propaganda Alert!” I suppose anyone who makes their home in this land has a right to call it their homeland, if they must. 644 more words

Nick Gillespie

American Sniper and National Sentiment: Or "It's okay it didn't win an Oscar."

I waited for Oscar’s night this year with a peculiar interest. As a historian, I was curious to see how the movie ‘American Sniper’ would fare in the “Best Movie” category.   732 more words

7 Things About Americans That Seem Insane To Non-Americans

Here are 7 American attitudes that people from other developed countries find weird.

1. Their weird taboos and hangups about nudity.

Americans have a weird obsession with nudity. 738 more words

Sporting Rivalry and Jingoism

India just defeated Pakistan for the 6th time in the Cricket World Cup. It’s 6 wins out of 6, for purely sporting reasons it makes me happy but is totally overshadowed by the useless mocking of the nation associated which is beyond sports. 358 more words

"Furor over national flag: how to decide?" (significantly edited version in The Fiji Times, 14 Feb. 2015)

The Fiji Flag Furor: let the people decide ((significantly edited version in The Fiji Times, 15 Feb. 2015)
Professor Wadan Narsey

A very good case can be made for Bainimarama’s proposal to change Fiji’s flag, as well as against it. 2,726 more words


American Sniper: Need for such Jingoistic Movies

Consider a scene. Soldiers from another country are all over your city. They shoot, they loot, they ravage. You burn with anger. Your husband killed, your parents killed. 241 more words