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Why It's Time The Indian Media Ended Its War On China

Not a shot has been fired across the India-China border since 1962, but the Indian media’s China “war” never quite ended. Border “skirmishes” and Chinese “intrusions” into Indian territory still dominate the coverage of China by Indian newspapers and television channels more than half a century on. 6 more words


The Call of War

Smash the fascists in World War II and become a Soviet hero!
A New Online Strategy about the Second World War
Tank battles, naval and air war fought on historical maps!
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Day Without Immigrants

My mother is an immigrant and naturalized citizen. She has worked hard, in the public as well as the private sector, all her life to make a good life for my brother and me. 313 more words

It's privilege to not care that I'm Irish.

How timely this week’s reading is. I’m not referring to the unprec/sidented executive order banning the entrance of people from seven countries into the United States, but that bastion of nationalism, the prime example of “us” versus “them”, the microcosm of competition and hate that signifies America’s willingness to come together and hate someone else, in harmony: the Superbowl. 801 more words

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The Republic of Cowrashtra

Ours is a nation which imagines the mother in the cow and the nation in the mother. I wish to disintegrate through this article the dual concepts of… 634 more words

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Globalisation and Jingoism coexist together!!!!

As the Humans escalated the stairs of evolutionary development , they traversed the journey from embryo to homo sapiens to present intellectual and on this voyage they adapted their needs and basic instinct to pass the ramrod of natural selection(survival of the fittest). 308 more words

Too Many Know-Nothings

I keep meaning to polish a piece on the many potential, disastrous TrumpCares, but the health care news changes too fast for a day-gigging TfH to keep up! 512 more words