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Nationalism Vs Jingoism

The resident of Bisada village are trying to project Ravi as martyr but there act violates the dignity and respect of National Flag.

Dadri lynching accused Ravi Sisodia reportedly died of renal failure was draped in “National Flag” on his funeral was a clear violation of… 475 more words


Bread, show and thirst for blood!

This whole Indo-Pak nationalism resembles the bloodthirsty sadistic audience of the coliseum craving for blood and more blood chanting: KILL KILL KILL!!
They exhibit all sorts of emotions, they are happy, sad, excited, thrilled depending upon which team is winning. 76 more words

How America Typically Sees the World

This problem reaches its worst levels during presidential campaign years. It’s particularly bad during 2016.


Olympic Medals

I hope I’ve waited long enough since the closing ceremony to make a stroppy comment about the Olympic Games. Actually, it’s not about the Games themselves; it’s about the way certain nations have reacted to the medal tally: 262 more words


The Nationalism Conundrum of India

The liberal elite of India, especially after the JNU imbroglio, have elucidated a point that there is nothing sacred about India’s borders and that the concept of nationhood does not hold water; that there should be no qualms about supporting Kashmir’s call for Azadi. 1,216 more words


I watched two movies over the weekend, one that posed a difficult moral and ethical issue, the other that trashed the same issue in a gush of jingoistic nationalism. 376 more words


True Independence

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Independence (of a country) is actually the state of being free from influence of other countries. Oxford Dictionary defines the word Independence as follows: 1,075 more words