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Since part of this blog attempts to comment on/document current events for future readers, this post will be primarily about the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015.   2,696 more words

Social Issues

How Adolf Hitler Became "Hitler"

Adolf Hitler(1889-1945) is one of the infamous figure in 20th century, leaving bloody history behind. His death is full of mystery. It is said that he managed to escape instead of committing suicide. 770 more words


My Support for All Innocent Victims of Terrorism - No Matter Where They Live

I noticed many people are transposing a symbol of the French flag over their Facebook pics to show support for France in the wake of the horrible terrorist attack in Paris on 11/13/15 (yesterday, as I type these words). 819 more words

My Rants


only so many chances
to do the right-left thing
you think they might be watching you?
they’re bombing them



Catch Twenty Two

Tabula rosa with nothing to say,
Political pundits exclaim away.
Talking heads blather for better or worse,
Dead air on News Networks treasure or curse? 67 more words


The Cracking Mirror

      The statistics are staggering. From Columbine to Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook, the United States, according to a recent study, leads the world in mass shootings. 873 more words



My favorite TV show at the moment is The Great British Bake-Off. It’s a celebration of home baking, a celebration of tradition, and a celebration of Britishness. 638 more words