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An Immigrant’s Alphabet, July 3rd, 2016

It’s the eve of July 4th, Independence Day in the United States, and around the world nationalism is rampant. In the U.S., presidential candidates give license to hate groups by calling for the construction of a wall at the southern border and a ban on immigration for certain groups of people. 329 more words


For God and Country

It’s often said everyone has two primary allegiances in life, one to God and one to one’s country. We all have other loyalties, of course: family, friends, schools, sports teams, etc. 1,112 more words

Public Theology

Why David Cameron is a fool

…other than for the obvious reasons, that is. And it’s not just him. I hadn’t seen this coming either. I’d always thought that if the UK was given a referendum on EU membership they’d vote to stay. 369 more words

Africans In India, Indians in Africa

Text: Jasbir Chatterjee; Photography: Jasbir Chatterjee

In 1977, my father, a Sainik School Maths teacher, got a job offer he had always dreamed about.  It was a contractual foreign assignment to work as a Senior Education Officer in a secondary school in Nigeria. 1,968 more words

The War Culture and Veterans

Calls for supporting our troops and honoring veterans and military personnel are ubiquitous and loud and it has become one of those concepts people take for granted and unanimously agree on and rarely ever question, the assumption being that these men and women have “served” our country and deserve our respect, veneration and support. 1,978 more words


UK Trip: at Toronto, Canuck Ass

“Canuk Ass”! Yeah, you heard that correctly, and you might think it sounds racist. Depending on the context in which it’s said, you might be right. 978 more words