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"MOM!!! He flew his plane too close to mine!" World's Militaries & Media Ran By Children

About once a week the military and their alarmist lapdogs in mainstream media report that somebody got their killing machine too close to somebody else’s killing machine and so THE END IS NIGH MOTHERFUCKERS! 731 more words


Why I hate Australia (and why it's not even a place)!

Most people think of Australia as a place. But I don’t.

You know. “Where are you from?” Australia. But Australia is not a place, it’s simply an idea. 987 more words


Are Americans Brainwashed?

What does it mean to be brainwashed?  When I was growing up in the days of the Cold War and the specter of nuclear disaster, the term brainwashed was associated with Communism.  2,317 more words

The Idealist (dopey robot)

One word I’m tired of reading or hearing from “both sides” is “patriotic.” We use the word to justify what we think is right, to appeal to the other side most likely. 186 more words

Comic Strip

The Rise of the Far Right

By Dr David Laing Dawson

In the 1988 presidential debates Mike Dukakis was asked whether he would support the death penalty should his wife, Kitty, be raped and murdered. 912 more words


Speciousness and Identity Politics

Doubling down.  When threatened, double down.  Whatever you have put on the table, regardless of how critically it may be viewed by “them”, double down with it and affirm your convictions more boisterously.  380 more words