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Perahu-Perahuan di Sungai Nil, Uganda

Sungai Nil??? Siapa pula yang tak kenal sungai tersebut. Sungai terpanjang di benua Afrika itu mengalir sepanjang 6.650 km dan bermuara di Laut Tengah Mediterania. Sungai Nil mengalir melewati banyak negara, yang salah satunya adalah Uganda. 281 more words


Flask + AngularJS Painlessly

Using Flask and AngularJS, undoubtedly, is a very powerful combination, however. there is a big challenge in using both technologies, specially when using the render_template function. 333 more words



Although this adventure happened a few months back, it’s now viewable on Africa Geographic.

Special thanks to the amazing folk at the Nile River Porch Lodge… 12 more words

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Taking In The Beauty The World Has To Offer

Traveling is an activity that I love to do whenever I get the chance. The majority of my family members do not reside in the U.S., so traveling has not only been a way for me to explore the world, but also stay connected with my family. 471 more words


GIT and Jinja - Like Peanut butter and Pickles!

Thanks to @mierdin for point this out. It looks like the wordpress format is causing some strange word-wrap issues. For a better view please click here…

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First month of the year, last month with the kids


I don’t know if the New Year could have started better. I think ‘magical’ is the word.
Being in the middle of Nile river at 00:00, watching the fireworks, glass of wine in my hand, dear friend beside me and KABOOM being shouted way to often, brought tâmp smiles all over our faces, again; overwhelmed, on the edge of running our makeup. 626 more words


What the Hell Am I Doing...

Living in Uganda for six months seems pretty simple until the middle of a 13-hour flight from Toronto to Addis Ababa. Shortly after “The Martian” ended (neat movie, by the way), reality came screaming in as fast the aluminum cigar tube carrying me and three of my fellow… 144 more words

IYIP Internship