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We tend to get into somewhat of a routine until a happy interruption comes along. This can be a national holiday, visitors or a last-minute dinner invitation. 1,588 more words

Expat Life

Python rest API client

In the example we will connect to weather API to get temperature by city name using Requests.  We will use Flask and Jinja to render HTML form and the result. 204 more words

How To

Jinja, Where Nile River Starts to Flow

Once upon time, one of my Ugandan colleagues told me,

“People always connect Nile River to civilization histories in Egypt. But did you know that apparently the source of Nile starts from my country?” 972 more words


Virgin Bungee

It was the 29th May 2017 to be precise on Tuesday; I remember it was cool morning weather with the birds chirping in the nearby trees by the room on the shores of the Nile next to the famous Speke point –River Nile source. 1,999 more words


Boscoe's Village

Meet Boscoe. He should have a village named after him. He runs a children’s home, but he is the only director that we visited who acknowledged the problem of runaway youth in Jinja and beyond. 472 more words


Philip decided we all needed a quiet day today. People are still not feeling well. Of course, Joshua and I didn’t really listen. We decided it was time to go explore. 138 more words

Hospitals, Schools, and More

Today has turned out different than it appeared on our agenda, but before we get there we added a new team member.

Joshua has known David and Mary Jo for a few years.  717 more words