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At this point, I’m essentially playing the live action version of ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’

As a child, I had dreams of this. 1,957 more words

Itsukushima Jinja

The best of timing ever was island hopping to Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社 at Miyajima.

It was the only day of clear and blue sky with sunny sun in the week of cloudy and wet weather. 30 more words

Passing Moment

Source of the Nile

When I first started reading about Uganda before the trip, I came to know that the river Nile originates from a town called Jinja, a couple of hours drive from Kampala. 1,903 more words


An amazing year-end in Jinja.

The last two days of 2016 were incredibly amazing. I travelled to Jinja town with three wonderful ladies and got to share in a fun and tranquil all girls getaway. 512 more words


Sights and Sounds of Uganda

Didn’t understand this sign post about Tourism Police. It is a sign by the Uganda Police Force on the road to Masaka past the equator. 73 more words

Sasaki (Sake) Jinja

The Wosite story behind Sasaki Jinja relates it to the first sake and the kami Sukunami, https://woshiteworld.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/816/.

There is a shrine called 沙沙貴神社(ささきじんじゃ)Sasaki Jinja in Azuchi city, Shiga-ken. 198 more words