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Jade, Tectonics, and Sacred Sites

My first magatama was a jade bead purchased at Takachiho Jinja. Although magatama are made of various stones, I had a sense that jade is the most appropriate stone. 987 more words


First World Problems

Have you ever woken up to find ants have eaten through your mosquito net and are now crawling all over you? Or have you lathered your hair with shampoo while in a shower to find that the water tank has just run dry? 964 more words


An Afternoon Cycle in Kyoto

I was going to update on how my goals are going, but it turns out weekly updates were a bit optimistic! I’ve been keeping a record for the past two weeks, but what with getting ready to leave for Tokyo I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to write it up yet. 441 more words


The Source of the Nile

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second freshwater biggest in the world!!! It receives its water from direct precipitation and thousands of small streams. 193 more words

GIASCO Fundraiser

Do you remember my post, GIASCO Boys? It is a post about the boys that GIASCO (Getting Involved with African Street Children Organization) takes care of. 189 more words



On Monday, July 13, we heard of an organization for street boys, Getting Involved with African Street Children Organization (GIASCO). It is run by Gerald, the bar manager at our hostel and his wife, Sarah. 204 more words