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Uganda Gorilla Trek Day Nine 2017

It’s our first rest day! Everyone woke up a little disorientated after last night and needless to say I treated myself to a lovely fry up for breakfast at the NRE Camp. 638 more words


日抱宮 Hidaki no Miya in 丹生川 Nyuukawa

It was a lovely day, November 1, when the three of us started out from Takayama east to  丹生川 Nyuukawa on the road to Norikuradake. From our Hida Roots study, we knew that the original settlers of Hida began on Mt. 435 more words


Nangu 南宮 Jinja in Kanayama

The other night in Kanayama, we were talking about Kanayama-hiko no Mikoto. This kami is said to have built roads and was the deity for blacksmiths and mining, occupations related to kana, metal. 419 more words


Yamanomoya - Mountains and Shrines of Mystery

Geku Toyouke Daijinja

As part of the research program on Ancient Japan, Okunomichi has paid a lot of attention to the jinja shrines and their kami that played a role in Hinomoto which led to modern Japan. 338 more words

Ancient Civilization

Tamba no Kuni: Hinumanai Jinja 


Hinumanai Jinja is an old village shrine in Kyoto Fu, Kyotango Shi, Mineyama Machi, Kuji, 京都府京丹後市峰山町久次. This shrine is considered the origin, the… 266 more words


TAMBA no Kuni – Manai Jinja

Manai Jinja Haiden

View of Kujigatake, also called Manai Peak


Tamba 丹波 no Kuni

From our Hotsuma studies, we know that Toyoke-sama governed the land of Hitakami, in what is now Tohoku, from the Tagajo palace which is near present-day Sendai. 748 more words